Thursday, August 26, 1993

Family Channel Studios-I am sold on this business, I think. I was having a great time. This was my first real view into the process of how a real production is made. The lights, the camera, the actors, hearing the director yell "ACTION!" and the live audience. It was a great intro to the business. Oh yeah, one of the guest stars of this episodes was indie queen Hope Davis.

Wednesday, August 25, 1993

Remember that agency that was never going to call me? THEY CALLED!!!!!!! They wanted to know if I would be interested in doing background work on a TV show. The show was called "Big Brother Jake" starring Jake Steinfeld of "Body by Jake" fame. It was filmed locally at The Family Channel studios. They wanted a young black actor who had a little edge. "Edge?" Maybe it was my shoulder-length dreadlocks. The person that they would have normally called had cut his dreadlocks for a movie recently. The agent told the Casting Director that I had no experience, but a great attitude.

Tuesday, August 10, 1993

Today was the big day for my meeting with this agency. I arrive and they have me fill out a bunch of paperwork. I was then taken to another room and read commercial, on camera. OMIGOD!!!!!! I had no idea it was so difficult, that camera was so intimidating. Anyway, I was horrible and it was okay. I told the gentleman that I was going to start classes with a local teacher next month. He agreed that this teacher was probably the best in town. I couldn't wait to get out of that office. I knew I would never hear from these people again. I finally called that teacher and signed up for her classes.