Friday, December 07, 2001

YES!! Today I am shooting a "Wrigley's Extra" National commercial. It's the same director that directed the "California Lottery" spot I did in June. I played a grocery store cashier. We actually shot in a grocery that was open. I had numerous customers try to check out in my line. I guess I really looked the part. My buddy Marvin did a "Wrigley's" spot a couple of years ago and he said it ran really, really well. I hope the same for me.

Monday, December 03, 2001

In my quest to move up the food chain in my career I have figured that I have be more selective with the roles that I audition for. This week I turned down auditions for two major shows in offices that I would really like to get into. It feels kinda weird to not audition when a casting director call and request you, but I think I have to say no to some things in order to move up the chain.

Friday, November 30, 2001

YES!!!! Today I get the word that I booked a "Wrigley's Extra" national commercial. It is through the same casting director, production company, ad agency and director of the "California Lottery" spot I did 6 months ago. When my agent called me with the appointment; she told me I had been requested. This is what I want to happen more often. I shoot on Friday 12/7. NEWSFLASH!! This evening my agent calls to tell me that I am not to show up on set for "Flipside". WHAT!!!! There had been some mistake in the union paperwork and we can't start shooting this weekend. It has been postponed till January.

Thursday, November 22, 2001

COMMERCIALS COMMERCIALS & MORE COMMERCIALS. For the last 3 weeks it has been incredibly busy for me commercially and I love it. Also, my callback ratio seems to have improved greatly. That is something that I have been working on. I have had a callback or avail for almost everything I have gone in for. Now I just want to book something.

Tuesday, November 20, 2001

Last night we had a table read for the pilot presentation that I am doing.It is called "Flipside" and it is set in a record store. The presentation is a collection of scenes for the BBC in London. It will be presented to them and who knows from after that.

Friday, November 16, 2001

I'm back in the saddle at Henderson/Zuckerman Friday reading for a director session. I read 40-45 actors, some I know from workshops to actors that I often see on TV and in movies. 4 were working, on "The West Wing", "Grounded for Life", "The Parkers" & "Spin City" and snuck over for the audition. Several more were working on films. Today, for the first time, I got to sit in on a meeting with an actor who was being offered a part in the film. When I was there on Tuesday there was an actor being talked about for a certain role, today the director watched his demo and the deal was made.

It is so interesting for me to see how the business works at this level. A lot of what I've seen are actors who work at a level where the little things don't count as much. If I had a dollar for every actor who did not bring a headshot with them I could have filled up my gas tank!! No headshot or resume, no resume, it's not stapled. You know what? I didn't matter one bit, they all got seen just the same and the people in charge didn't even seem annoyed by it. I guess when you are with DBA, ICM, Endeavor, Gersh, AAA, UTA, Innovative, etc you have more pressing matters than photos.

I would say the biggest thing they all had in common was confidence, you can tell that these actors have and are working, and a lot. The director is a dream, giving "clues" before an actor reads, redirecting and even shaking hands when they enter & exit. Oh yeah, I also read with K. Callan, author of the New York & LA agent books and met one of the members of Lynyrd Skynyrd. Nice!!! That's it.

Tuesday, November 13, 2001

Today I worked as a reader @ Henderson/Zuckerman Casting. As always it was a great experience. I was reading about 10 different roles, 30-35 actors so it was kinda crazy. It is interesting seeing so many different actors and their choices on the same material. They called actors without representation, from workshops all the way to actors & actresses represented by Endeavor, WMA & ICM, etc. The business talk that I hear is eye-opening as to how this business really works. It makes it so clear that we are in a "business". They asked me to come back on Friday to be the reader for the first director session. I highly recommend being a reader if you get the chance.

Thursday, November 08, 2001

I just found out that I booked a pilot presentation called "Flipside". It is a fun part that should give me some good film. I was surprised that I got the callback because my pre-read wasn't too hot. I think it was because I was so right for it. I'll take that. I'm not sure which SAG contract it is, but it isn't paying much. That's okay; I just wanna do the work. It felt good to talk to my agent about us possibly not doing it. I'm really looking forward to it. I shoot in early December. Cool, now I get to do another postcarding.

Monday, November 05, 2001

I have always been very big on the postcarding of CD's/agents/managers or whoever's attention you are trying to get. Recently I changed my strategy a little with my postcards. They were getting kinda jumbled up with info, so I went to larger size. I switched from a 4x6 card to a 6x8 card. It is more expensive all the way around; they cost more, use more ink and are 34 cents to mail. The flip-side is that I get more bang for my buck. Since it is larger I can put a small resume with selected credits "and" callbacks, airdates, representation, another photo and the like. It is a nice cross between a regular postcard and a full H/R. The way some CD's are now about opening envelopes I think postcards are even more valuable to my business, so the investment didn't bother me too much. This morning my agent called with an appointment from Andrea Cohen Casting for a guest-star on "Nikki". She received my postcard this morning and said it was "the most effective postcard she ever received". I have never met her or anyone from her office before, so this feels really, really good. Now I gotta rock da house!! Hopefully, I will get more of these guest-star auditions in the future. .

Monday, October 29, 2001

This week I called a meeting with my theatrical agency. I have been with them for 3 years and feel fortunate to be on their roster. I called the meeting because I feel like I am at a crossroads in my career.

I'm trying to look down the road and wanted to get their opinions on a few things. I feel like after 3 years I am just now coming into my own with this agency. They took me on from a mailing from NYC with virtually no credits. They are a guest-star agency and I have never been a guest-star. At the meeting we discussed things like managers, demos, photos, turning down auditions/roles, pilot season and the like. I left the meeting with a really good feeling of being in the right place. The notion of turning down an audition is almost crazy to me, but in order to move to the next step I'm gonna have to. Adding to that is that I do not have a day job and "a brother gotta eat right!!"

Anyway, 3 days later I turned down an audition for a major show that I have been trying to get in for. My agent was very supportive and would have let me go in if I wanted to, but "we" decided not to. We're gonna wait for something a little more substantial on that show. I hope those 180 postcards I sent out this morning for this upcoming "Ally McBeal" airing drum up some business for me, it's been a slow week.

Tuesday, October 09, 2001

I just wrapped up 4 days working "Frasier". What a great time. The pre-read came from meeting Colin Daniel in a workshop (he told my agent). It was interesting to watch and be a part of how one of the hottest comedies on TV does their magic. First, the cast and crew are some of the nicest people I have ever worked with. The script was a moving target even while we were shooting. I received a new script everyday I worked. After every run thru the writers would meet & tweak.

The first day of rehearsal we had an audience of 25-30 people. I am not sure who they all were, but they seemed to know what they were doing. The 2nd day they there was even more people. I thought it was interesting that the director was not at the producer session. I met her on-set. It was cool to watch Kelsey's $1.6 mil per episode opinion go up against 25 people. As one of the exec producers he has a very important voice. He is an extremely charismatic man and a joy to work with. Both of my scenes were with him, in the first scene "Roz" greets me by name. That gives me some history; officially I work in the mailroom at the radio station. The rest of the cast John, Peri, Jane, David were wonderful as well. The two recurring players in the episode were hilarious. CD Jeff Greenberg was there everyday including the filming of the show. I had never met him before and he is really nice & personable. Casting associate Collin Daniel was quite visible as well.

At the cast read-thru 12 minutes before going on-stage we still didn't have the new pages in the script. When we received them they were still warm from the copier. In one of my scenes we were shooting material that had never been rehearsed. Can you say cold read improvisation with Kelsey Grammer? I had a fantastic time working with them and wanna take this credit and help me get more gigs thru mailings, postcarding, my agent or whatever. I am definitely not waiting for the phone to ring to get back on the show, but one of the recurring players said he would be surprised if I don't come back. I got other encouraging words as well. Hmmmm. I guess time will tell, huh.

Monday, October 08, 2001

I have always had the attitude in my career of not taking the "Peaks & Valleys" too seriously. I think it would drive me crazy. I am saying this because I just found out that "Danny", the CBS comedy starring Daniel Stern that I worked on last week has been cancelled. That's too bad; I would have liked to see that scene we did. Also, the cast & crew were so nice, but that is the nature of the business.

So as I sit here cranking out my 150 postcards highlighting the "Frasier"/"Danny" bookings and the upcoming "Ally McBeal" airing, it's bitter sweet. On the one hand "Danny" is gone and on the other hand the "Frasier" episode that we are shooting tonight is airing very soon, next Tuesday the 16th. I have had too many blessing to be down about anything in this business. Back to the postcards....

Thursday, October 04, 2001

Okay, I had a pre-read yesterday for "Frasier" that went pretty well, 2 hours later my agent calls to tell me that I have a callback. I am told that whoever they book goes straight to the stage to work. I get to the studio early because I am told that they might add another scene.

I get there and get the new material, go outside to look over it because I didn't wanna go in too early. I go in and read with Colin Daniel, it goes well (I know Colin from attending his workshop). Everyone had to wait because it was an immediate booking; I was ready to leave because I had a commercial audition on the other side of town. I'm standing there with my bag on my shoulder, keys in hand reading Variety. They ask one of the other guys to go in a second time. Great. Then they asked me to come in again as well. GREAT!! I did it again just a little different for variety.

After a couple of minutes Colin came out and my life went into slow motions. He announced the names in a blur "Stephon & Jill (the other role they were casting) will be staying)". In a split second I was thinking "wow, good for Jill & Stephon!! At least I'll be able to make my other audition". Then it dawned on me that "I" am Stephon & Jill is right next to me!! WHAT!!!

We went to the casting office to call our agents and shortly after that I was blocking the scenes with Frasier, Daphne, Roz and Niles. It is 4 days of work. This has been a great week, 3 days of work + at least 2 next week and 4 auditions. When I was finished I called my commercial agent and still made my audition that I missed in the morning. These postcards, mailings, drop-offs & workshops are really doing the trick for me. Most of my theatrical credits are from doing all of the above.

Wednesday, October 03, 2001

Every time I do a postcard blast things happen. Who knows, but I like to think that they help. I sent out 150 last week and today I get three calls for auditions: "Gilmore Girls", a "Sears" national & "Frasier". The last month has been pretty slow for me, but most everything that has come up has been through postcards, drop-offs, mailings & workshops. That is all the more reason to keep going.

Monday, October 01, 2001

Today I had a co-star role on the new CBS comedy "Danny" starring Daniel Stern. It was the hardest I have ever worked for 1 line. No complaints from me and I was able to turn 1 line into 3 or so. Depends on how they edit and what they use. I didn't feel like I got a lot of coverage, but that's okay too. The main thing is that I had a ball, there was a bit a rough-housing going between Daniel, myself and one other actor. He was great and more than willing get rough with us. This should be a fun scene to watch.

The way I got the role was I dropped off a photo to Rebecca Quiroz, associate @ Ted Hann Casting, who I hadn't seen in a while. They weren't in session when I showed up so I had a chance to chat with them. They sized me up for an upcoming role of "Larry", an hour later my agent called with an appointment for the next day. The next day I read for "Larry" it goes alright. "Larry" ended up getting cut and I got the role of the usher.

Something else that caught my attention were the dailies. There was a point when one of the regulars was having a tough time with the dialogue and I heard someone say "...are we still rolling? I can't show these dailies...." He was half-joking, but it made me think about who sees all the raw footage. I don't know. It just made me think. I've heard of the dailies helping to create a buzz for actors before, I've also heard of them giving bad buzz to an entire project.

Sunday, September 23, 2001

SHOW ME THE MONEY!!! My cash flow is getting low. I left my restaurant gig six months ago not because I was making a lot of money, but more of a leap of faith. I felt that I had to leave in order to move up to the next level. In the last year I have booked 14 jobs in TV, Film & Commercials, but it hasn't added up to a lot of money. It really makes a difference when you are totally relying on acting income. For the last month it has been looking like I might have to consider going back to that part-time gig. I'm not going to do it without a fight though. Today I actually called my former manager to see what the deal was. She said she had been waiting for me to come back. It had been really slow since September 11th, but to call her in a week. NOOOOOOOO!!! I don't want to!!

Friday, September 21, 2001

I attended the SAG/CSA Joint Seminar this past Saturday put together by the SAG Casting Committee. It was hosted by Matthew Barry of Barry Green-Keyes Casting. Other CD's in attendance were April Webster, Donna Dockstader, Mark Teschner, Mark Paladini and Cami Patton. I attended the noon session, but they had a 10am & a 2pm session. Other CD's were Lisa Beach, Mary v Buck, Eric Dawson, Jane Jenkins, Meg Liberman, Nancy Green-Keyes, Ruth Lambert, Katy Wallin & Gary Zuckerbrod. We didn't get to read, but we did get to give them our photos. My agent just called me with appointment for Matthew Barry for the Film "Friday after Next" starring Ice Cube. I also have a callback for the film "Exposed" through Erica Arvold. After it being slow for several weeks this week has been really busy. Keep it coming!!

Tuesday, September 11, 2001

A day that no one will ever forget. Depressing, sad and tragic to say the least.

Thursday, August 16, 2001

Today a story about paid Casting Director Workshops is to run on an LA radio station. Most people know that I am someone who finds these workshops useful in my pursuit of the business. There are several different views on this subject. Some find it to be extremely disturbing, others feel like it is a tool that is at their disposal if they so choose.

Anyway, after the story ran one of the more popular forums that I routinely go to is heating up with comments. I post that, in short, I don't feel like either side is making much progress in the winning people over to their respective sides. It didn't take long for this thread to get really hot and some of it was directed at me. That's cool with me I can take the heat. After a couple shots back and forth I was shown the door. Meaning get out, "ya can't visit no mo". I had been banned. WHAT!!! Yeah, they banned me until December 31st '01. The way I saw it was that the owner of the board took shots at me with crazy figures of what I had "supposedly" invested in workshops over a specific period of time. I shot back that I felt that it didn't really matter. I don't think he liked that. OOPS!!!

Tuesday, August 14, 2001

Today I shot a co-starring role on "Ally McBeal". They treated me very well. I got to work with Ally, Ling, Fish & Glenn (James Marsden). I even had a stand-in!! It was definitely the nicest trailer I've ever had. When I arrived on-set the director and producer greeted me and said they were glad I was able to do it, I got the same greeting from Ken Miller & Kara Lipson from Valko/Miller Casting. Since I knew there would be lots waiting, I prepared packages for the two other David E. Kelley shows that shoot/cast at Raleigh Studios "Boston Public" & "The Practice". So, I'll see how it turns out. It could be a nice, quick, funny shot. I'm trying to get a nice reel together for pilot season. It airs Monday November 5th.

Friday, August 03, 2001

"Foot in mouth syndrome" Around 11am I get a call for an appointment for "The Guardian" at 1:45pm. It is a fun role as a guy in a gay club. I call my buddy, Greg Lee, to help me go over the material. We work on it and come up in a strong choice. I go in for the pre-read with Chuck McCollum and Jeanne Bacharach at Sony Studios. It goes well, they give me a re-direct and I deliver. I get a callback on the spot for an hour later with the director and writer. I get to the callback and wait another hour, which is no problem. I finally get in the room; I am usually pretty good about getting in the room and getting to work. The director got up to introduce himself and then the writer did the same. This is where things go really, really bad. I continue to the other woman (Jeanne Bacharach, the CD) as if I am meeting her for the first time. IT'S THE CASTING DIRECTOR WHO GAVE ME THE CALLBACK!!! At that point I figured out that I had really screwed up. I was so embarrassed and I went down in flames. I felt so stupid, because I was right for the part and I nailed the pre-read. I guess it happens, huh.

Saturday, July 28, 2001

I have a friend who is in town from NYC staying with me for a week. He is working at a different level than me. It is a window into how it really happens on a day-to-day basis. I surf several of the acting forums and right now there is a lot of controversy going on with paid casting director workshops. It is known that I attend many workshops in addition to many other things that I do to advance my career. It has been said that I am hurting myself by being associated with these establishments. Do these people think that CD's ask me what workshops I go to when I come in to audition? They don't. It's mostly like apples and oranges. I think some of their points are valid, but I am not convinced that workshops are the evil thing that they are proposed to be.

Friday, July 27, 2001

I have a general meeting scheduled with Lucy Cavallo, VP of Casting Dramas @ CBS. I got this through mailing a postcard. It was quick about 15 minutes, but that is enough. She was very nice and seemed to really listen to what I was saying. She joked that they (CBS) need to get me on more of their shows so that I can go home to Virginia Beach more often.

Monday, July 16, 2001

Today I have a meeting with a manager that caught me on "Arli$$". WOW, it really does happen like that!!! He requested a meeting with me!! Mind you, I am not looking for management at this time so it really felt good to have someone interested. The meeting goes well and he wants to work with me. The next day he calls and wants to have lunch, I thank him and let him know that I am gonna stay with my present situation of my current representation and managing myself. Managers typically take 15%, I cannot afford that. I have found that many managers take only 10%. I am waiting on a 10% manager and I'll let them contact me. That means I have work to do!!!

Saturday, July 14, 2001

Today and next Saturday morning I attend the Broadcast & Cable previews of shows for the coming season. It was held at the Academy of Television of Arts & Sciences. It was really cool to see previews of all of the shows at the same time.

Friday, July 06, 2001

This weekend I attend 8 workshops at the SAG Conservatory. I am glad I attended, met some new people and learned a lot. Not bad for 10 bucks. Oh yeah, I went to see Pat Benatar in concert in Anaheim. She's still got it!!

Tuesday, June 19, 2001

Today I have an audition for "East of Harlem"(later changed to "In America") for acclaimed Irish director Jim Sheridan. I know Jim through Keilana Smith. This is where it really happens, the big moves. I get there and see Sean "P-Diddy" Combs and Terrence Howard. It felt good to get seen for a project like this. Of course, it's a long, long shot, but slowly it's happening for me.
Today I have an audition for "East of Harlem"(later changed to "In America") for acclaimed Irish director Jim Sheridan. I know Jim through Keilana Smith. This is where it really happens, the big moves. I get there and see Sean "P-Diddy" Combs and Terrence Howard. It felt good to get seen for a project like this. Of course, it's a long, long shot, but slowly it's happening for me.

Friday, June 15, 2001

Today is my shoot for the "California Lottery" commercial. When I arrived at the location, to my surprise, I saw everyone that was in my callback session. WHAT!!! Needless to say we were shocked that we all had booked after having, what we thought, was such a horrible callback. We figured that maybe he really liked us at the audition and was making sure he could get us to the place he needed us for the shoot.

It was a short day, call time 9am and I'm wrapped @ noon. Yeah, only 3 hours. It almost killed me and I mean DEAD!!!!!! I was one of a group of "spinners" and one "spin instructor". This spin instructor was no joke. Was she, in fact, trying to kill us? Or maybe she was just trying killing me. Maybe it had something to do with the fact that I am so out of shape. Anyway, nice people, and I had worked with the DP on the last "Pizza Hut" spot. It felt good to be working again.

Thursday, June 14, 2001

Tonight is the first night of my dance classes. OMIGOD!!!! Keilana bought me gift certificates for several classes. They were getting ready to expire so I had to jump in. I have 2 left feet. I mean seriously. I have been known to go out and "shake a leg", but I don't dance for money. It is a Modern Jazz class and I am so far away from being graceful. I'll keep trying though.

Tuesday, June 12, 2001

Okay, big surprise. I booked the "California Lottery" commercial. WHAT!!! How they heck did that happen? I don't know and I don't care I'm just glad to be working!!

Saturday, June 09, 2001

I just got back from an "audition" even though I didn't actually get to read. My 4th Saturday audition in 6 weeks. No, I wasn't turned away because I do workshops. It was because the damn building caught on fire! Yeah, it was Lien/Cowan Casting on Beverly and we were waiting to go in and the joint starts billowing with black smoke & flames right below the casting office on the 2nd floor. I mean crazy fire trucks, chainsaws, an ax and a lot of water. It was really sad to see people stuff go up in flames, but more importantly everyone got out safely. Firefighters have always been really high on my list and it was cool to see them @ work. Remember, check those smoke detector batteries!!

Friday, June 08, 2001

Today is the BSW roundtable discussion. It was interesting, to say the least. I got a chance to hear several sides of the debate. I don't feel like a lot was accomplished as far as changing anyone's position on the subject. If anything it gave me more information on workshops that I haven't been to. Go figure.

Callback: "California Lottery" @ Cathi Carlton Casting. Okay this HAD to be the worst callback I've ever had. The spot has me and a few others on stationary bikes in a spinning class. First, I don't spin in my real life and I think I looked like a complete loser in my acting life.
Typically, in a spin class the instructor is in front, facing the class. That wasn't the case for audition; the instuctor was beside me. I was sneaking glances at the instuctor to see what the next move was. I wasn't stopping and going into full profile or anything like that I was just trying to see what was going on.

Here is where it got interesting for me. The director, Brian Aldrich, was relentless with giving me direction and asking me questions, and I don't feel like I delivered at all. He said to me, "if you were in a real spin-class would you be looking over at the instuctor?" Okay, I wanted to answer honestly, but I also wanted this job and didn't want to embarrass the CD Cathi Carlton and become an example of "how actors talk themselves out of jobs". I decided to split the difference. I kinda answered by giving him the look that he was right, but not saying so verbally. The director seemed to be trying to embarrass me.
When I left the room, myself and the 3 others, felt like it was the worst callback of our careers. I was thinking that Cathi wouldn't ever call me in again. NEXT!!!

Thursday, May 31, 2001

Steve Julian, of KPCC 89.3 radio, sends me an e-mail message asking if I was willing to be interviewed for a story he is doing on paid CD Workshops. "Ugh, ugh, well I guess so. What do you want me to say?" I agree and we proceed. Basically, we just had a conversation on the phone that was taped. Ninety minutes later Back Stage West calls and asks me to participate in a roundtable discussion on paid Casting Director Workshops. What!!!! Why in the heck are they calling me?!?! "Ugh, ugh, well I guess so. What do you want me to say?"

Friday, May 11, 2001

Me, My ADR Session & Carmen Electra............I gotta say it is pretty cool to have Carmen Electra inquire about me. Even if it is just in a commercial. I was able to see a cut of the "Pizza Hut" spot yesterday while doing ADR. I had to re-record one word, and a short word at that. In and out in 14 minutes including waiting for the NYC people to get set up. Of course I wasn't getting paid what Ms. Electra was getting for 2 days work. Let me tell ya she got PAID!! It should break in about 10 days.

Saturday, May 05, 2001

One potential strike averted, one more to go!! Thankfully, there wasn't a WGA work stoppage. Now I'm hoping that the SAG/AFTRA negotiations are settled without a work stoppage. Last fall was very busy for me as a result of beefed up productions among other things.

Wednesday, April 04, 2001

I have an audition today for "Pizza Hut" @ Deborah Kurtz Casting. That is an office that I don't get into that often, but since doing a lot of commercial drop-offs I have gotten into a lot of offices that I have never been to or haven't in a while. Anyway I have a callback Friday, avail Friday night and am booked Sunday afternoon. Now I had done two other "Pizza Hut" spots for another director. I didn't think this one was connected to the other creative people. There are so many people in the room that it is hard to really focus on anyone. I go to the fitting Monday afternoon and I am thinking I'm anonymous, and then they tell me that the art director has my photo on his wall from the first spot. These are some of the same creative people as before. The spot stars Carmen Electra and is directed by Bob Dylan's son Jesse Dylan. It felt really good to be on somebody's list.

Sunday, March 25, 2001

This is a moment of truth for me. It is my last night waiting tables, hopefully forever. It put in for a 3-month leave of absence; I am due back June 29. I don't plan on coming back, time will tell.

Friday, March 02, 2001

It was my second night working on "The District" and I am learning a lot. I am one of 3 reporters. It isn't a tremendous amount of dialogue, but they do have us around a lot. Of course the dialogue wasn't as it was scripted. We did a quick rehearsal and the director just split the lines between us all. Those cold-reading-think-on-your-feet-skills really came into play.

At one point, for another scene, the director gave all of the reporters a speech to do; it was a good chunk of dialogue. It was a live report from the shooting that happened in the episode. We ended up not shooting it that night as we wrapped about 1am. So I got to my restaurant job 2 1/2 hours late. OOOOPS!!! They say we'll shoot it next week. This is exciting. I have heard that people come back on that show often. Matter-of-fact one of the actresses was telling me that she did an episode last Fall and they asked her to come back. So she is working this week as well, and as a different character than before. I was surprised that they brought her back in the same season as a different character. She and I are with the same agency as well.

So guys and gals I would say to keep Thom Klohn & Karen Rea at the top of your postcarding list. They were both on set at different times. I got a chance to talk to Karen, who was still casting @ 9pm, and she knew all of us by name. All of the regulars and the rest of the guest cast are really nice. So that's it.

Monday, February 26, 2001

Tomorrow I am shooting a "US Postal Service" spot. Today as I am driving in the rain trying to be careful getting to my fitting for my "USPS" shoot tomorrow my cell phone rings. I don't get many calls on my cell phone, but lately the ones that I have gotten have been "'nuttin but love". It is my Theatrical agent; she is telling me that she has an offer for "The District" for me. I had auditioned a week ago and had thrown the sides out thinking it was over. I was totally shocked, she kinda thought I was hesitating on accepting because...well I was hesitating....because I was shocked. Anyway I shoot the "USPS" commercial tomorrow and start on "The District" Wednesday. It is for 4 days out of 5. I have never had that much time on a Theatrical gig. What a start to the week.

Tuesday, February 06, 2001

Hey, I did a workshop with Shaunda Jones @ London/Stroud Casting on November 18th and had a great feeling from her. This past November was the busiest month I have ever had and I was also going thru computer Hell. After the workshop I had to explain to Shaunda that my resume looked like crap because I had booked several jobs in a very short amount of time and I had to write in 4 new credits. I never write on my resume. She was cool about it and told me to bring 5 fresh resumes to her office the next day because she knew of some other shows that her friends cast that I was right for. Of course I did that the next morning. She called me in today for "Arli$$". I had a "Burger King" audition scheduled as well for later in the day. Then the "Arli$$" people called and changed the time and it conflicted with the commercial audition. So I am on the phone with both of my agents and it didn't look good. I figured all I could do was the best I could since the "Arli$$" offices are way, way out in...I don't know, way out there.

I got there and since Shaunda had spoken to my agent she made sure I got in and out. I go in and the star of the series, Robert Wuhl, the director John Murray, casting along with 6 or 7 other people AND they taped us. It went perfect. Afterwards I raced back to Hollywood for my commercial audition which went very well also. Two hours later I get the word that I booked. I shoot on the 6th, I have a scene with Sandra Oh and she is the best. I think it airs in June 10th. I also got a callback for the "Burger King" spot. I had worked with one of the producers on a "BK" spot in NYC back in March '97. I didn't book this one though. I'll get 'em next time.

Tuesday, January 30, 2001

Today a good friend, Jonathan Julian moves to LA from New York. He is a friend from Virginia Beach, and I knew him way before we started acting. I pick him up @ the airport and didn't stop. 12 hours later we were looking at an apartment for him. In the first week he had done 3-4 workshops, had a manager interested in him, had met all of my agents, followed me to 4 auditions and was set to do a staged reading.

Friday, January 12, 2001

Today I had a callback for the "Huntress" and an audition for "The Tick" @ UDK Casting, I think it was the worst audition that I have ever had. All of the partners of the company were there as well. It was bad, really bad.