Saturday, December 10, 1994

We were making plans to either move to LA or NYC. Mind you I was completely broke. I had no idea how this was really going to happen, yet I knew it "had" to happen. Anyway, we started doing mailings to New York and Los Angeles. I remember getting a call from a commercial agent in LA; it was Doug Murphy @ Media Artists Group. Greg got a call from a manager in New York; she wanted him to come to New York for an interview right after Christmas. I was much more familiar with NYC than he was so he wanted me to go with him. I couldn't afford to go unless I was going to get seen as well. So I called her up and she was cool with me coming up to interview. I had just booked my 2nd national commercial; it was for "Jackson-Hewitt Tax Service".

Saturday, October 01, 1994

Around this time Greg and I were really itching to get out of Virginia Beach to further our careers. Once we flew to New York for an open call for the film "Dead Presidents". The whole thing consisted of a Polaroid being taken. It was I, Greg and my little brother Todd. On the way back we stopped by my friend Genine's place in Harlem. Greg was freaked about being in Harlem and on the way to the airport the cab broke down and we missed our flight.

Friday, July 15, 1994

Slowly we started getting auditions for TV movies and films around town and in Wilmington, North Carolina. Even though we were 300+ miles away we were considered local for the productions down there. Within the next month or so Greg and I earned our SAG eligibility. He got his in a movie-of-the-week in North Carolina and I got mine after being cast in a commercial for "Hardee's".

Wednesday, March 16, 1994

I'm still in class with Sylvia at The Actor's Place. I found that this acting stuff isn't as easy as it looks. That is a compliment to so many actor's who make it look easy. Around this time we started to audition for industrials and student projects. We actually started booking things as well, it was a fun time.

Sunday, January 09, 1994

I worked my way into assisting the extras casting director on a 4-part mini-series called "Vanishing Son" to be shot locally. I had gone to the open call at a local mall and was DETERMINED to get on board somehow. I told the extras casting director, Pam Plummer, that I would do anything to help out. The next day she called and took me up on my offer. It was a great experience for me. I got to be on the inside of a real Hollywood production for 6-7 weeks. I really liked what I saw and Pam was the coolest. I was even able to call in several of my classmates for background work. One guy even got a line and became SAG eligible. A few of the actors that were a part of the project were Rebecca Gayheart, Russell Wong, Dean Stockwell & Matthew Lillard.