Monday, May 22, 1995

Okay, this is the deal. Greg and I have been searching for jobs since we arrived in NYC two weeks ago. We haven't been very successful, thus far. On Friday we applied at a "TGI Fridays" in mid-town Manhattan. The gentleman we spoke to, 'Rocco' was very encouraging. He said that it didn't matter that we didn't have experience as waiters because "we train all of our staff anyway." Cool!!! He told us to go to another location and see another 'Rocco' and he would take care of us. The first mistake we made was to think that this would actually work and the second was to stop looking elsewhere for employment. Today, Monday, we show up to see 'Rocco' and he totally dissed us, New York style. Welcome to the big city kids!! I just sat there and laughed because he was so rude to us.

Afterwards Greg had an appointment with a photographer for headshots and I decided to go back to the Harley-Davidson Cafe, alone, where we had inquired twice about employment. The two previous times we were there I felt the GM, Scott Young, liked us but couldn't do much with us since we didn't have experience. I walk in and see Scott and I think he was surprised to see me AGAIN, so I told him my situation. I said "Scott we'll do anything". He says "I know". I say "No, you don't know. We'll do ANYTHING". He sees that I am serious and just looks at me for a moment. He motions for me to hold on a second and disappears downstairs. A second later he returns and says to "come in tomorrow @ 4:30pm, wear all black." YES!!! We finally got jobs, both of us. Did I mention that we were hired as bussers?

Tuesday, May 09, 1995

It's time!!! The moment of truth is here. We had finished a year and a half with our private teacher and we were leaving. Our friend Dalbe Markman had set us up with two girls who were willing to let us stay with them in New York on a temporary basis. We traveled to NYC by Greyhound. While we were waiting for the bus to leave I felt like I had been released from prison. I just didn't feel like I was going to get what I wanted if I stayed in Virginia Beach. We sat at the very back of the bus 3 seats across for the 6+hr journey. I turned to Greg to see if he was feeling the same. He wasn't. As I was getting ready to speak I saw that he was crying his heart out. He was leaving a girlfriend and close friends and it's just hard. He was fine moments later. NEW YORK, NEW YORK!!! We arrive. Greg and I actually had to share a bed for 4 months!! The shower was in the kitchen!!! This apartment was a trip, it was in the Hell's Kitchen area of Manhattan (46th bet. 9th & 10th). I only had two-hundred dollars to my name. In New York City!!! We hit the ground running, I starting auditioning right away mostly for commercials. Within 3 weeks Greg almost booked a role on "All My Children", he got down to the last 5 guys who tested at the network. It was an interesting time and I wanna thank Lindsay Dickon & Shaunda Bradley for letting us stay with them and Dalbe Markman for setting it all up.