Sunday, March 25, 2001

This is a moment of truth for me. It is my last night waiting tables, hopefully forever. It put in for a 3-month leave of absence; I am due back June 29. I don't plan on coming back, time will tell.

Friday, March 02, 2001

It was my second night working on "The District" and I am learning a lot. I am one of 3 reporters. It isn't a tremendous amount of dialogue, but they do have us around a lot. Of course the dialogue wasn't as it was scripted. We did a quick rehearsal and the director just split the lines between us all. Those cold-reading-think-on-your-feet-skills really came into play.

At one point, for another scene, the director gave all of the reporters a speech to do; it was a good chunk of dialogue. It was a live report from the shooting that happened in the episode. We ended up not shooting it that night as we wrapped about 1am. So I got to my restaurant job 2 1/2 hours late. OOOOPS!!! They say we'll shoot it next week. This is exciting. I have heard that people come back on that show often. Matter-of-fact one of the actresses was telling me that she did an episode last Fall and they asked her to come back. So she is working this week as well, and as a different character than before. I was surprised that they brought her back in the same season as a different character. She and I are with the same agency as well.

So guys and gals I would say to keep Thom Klohn & Karen Rea at the top of your postcarding list. They were both on set at different times. I got a chance to talk to Karen, who was still casting @ 9pm, and she knew all of us by name. All of the regulars and the rest of the guest cast are really nice. So that's it.