Thursday, June 06, 1996

I had had it with my talent manager; she couldn't even get my name right and almost rarely were any of my auditions right for me. I asked for and received a release from my contract. She told some others that she didn't feel I would get work in New York. Cool, I was free. It was then that my career in New York really started. I did my resume over and bought a word processor. When I re-did my resume without the manager's logo on it I felt like I had taken a shower. I had taken the power back in my career. I did a mass mailing to CD's and agents with some success. I also took the initiative to make follow-up calls. I did this because I knew most other actors wouldn't and I also had nothing to lose. I got numerous meetings with agents this way. Within a year I was freelancing commercially with Abrams, Acme, SEM&M, Paradigm, William Morris, Carol Baker, Gilla-Roos, The Gage Group and several others. Things were looking good.