Thursday, August 10, 2000

I go with Daniel Rojo Management from the first meeting after doing a scene for him with Keilana. I felt really good about this. He ended up taking on Keilana as well. I would tell him about my workshops and he gave me his opinions. I was able to stop by and chat about whatever I had heard in town. My buddy Greg had an audition for a film, "XCU", at Ricki Maslar's office and he thought there might be something in it for me. I told my manager and he got on the phone right then and there to see if I was right for anything in the film. Yes, there was something but it was weeks away. I went back to my buddy found it in the script. That felt good. Things were already good, but now they are looking even better. CD Jerry Whitworth called me for an audition for "Arrest & Trial". I book it and worked the next day. It is fun, I get to drive a car with the cops in pursuit, get shaken down and then interrogated. How I afforded to go to Virginia again I don't know, but I went.