Tuesday, November 28, 2000

Today I get into a car accident on my way to an audition. I guess it was my time -195,000 miles without one in my trusty Honda. Anyway, my fault and I became friends with one of the driver's. We now do CD workshops together, only in LA!!

Tuesday, November 21, 2000

NOVEMBER 21st '00*Today, I participated in my first table read for "Smash" a VH-1 comedy pilot. It was very interesting to watch the process since I was the reader from the beginning of the project. I have had a chance to see the project grow from the first day of casting to today's table read. During the process I saw & heard a lot of stuff. Who likes who (not personally) and why and how the whole package comes together. I must say that Cathy Henderson & Dori Zuckerman did a great job of casting. They brought in lots of interesting choices and all three of the leads were against the prototypes from the producers. Two of the leads were actors that Cathy & Dori did not already know. Matter of fact they even had to change the names of two of the leads because they were so different from what was originally projected. One of those leads is known by the industry and is definitely on the rise. I don't know what the buzz is on the others. All the networks and several production companies are eager to sign the female lead to a development deal. Interestingly enough she has been turning down huge sums of money for these deals, but she really liked this project and they are fortunate to have her.

Today's reading was attended by both of the writers, all of the producers with the exception of Gene Simmons (yes, of KISS), the wardrobe department and all of the cast members with the exception of the celebrity cameos. I was to read my part as a musician and the celebrity cameos. We proceeded to read the entire script just kinda straight thru and it came together really nice. The second read was with more energy, quick changes within the script and also the VH-1 executives listening in on a conference call from New York. Everyone involved seemed very pleased with results. After that the leads were kept for scene work and the rest of us were released.

Friday, November 17, 2000

Today I shoot the "Icehouse" Beer spot in Glendale, and have a ball. I cannot wait to see this spot on the air. I see Rosanna Arquette @ the restaurant and tell her that I was in a movie that she starred in ("Hell's Kitchen"). She was very nice and commented that "Angelina is huge now" and that it was running on cable. She looked great.

Thursday, November 09, 2000

Today I am shooting "X.C.U.(Extreme Close-Up)" in studio City, a feature directed by Sean S. Cunningham. Sean directed "Friday the 13th"; I had a cool scene with leads AJ Buckley, Jay Michael Ferguson & Essence Atkins. It was a lot of fun with some stunts involved. Hope to see it on the big screen!!

Wednesday, November 08, 2000

I've got a busy day in store. I have a 10am appointment for "Ally McBeal" down in Manhattan Beach. Then at 12:25pm callback for "Icehouse" back up in Hollywood. I got a same day callback for "Ally" @ 4pm back down in Manhattan Beach. It took a lot of driving, but there will be no complaining from me. The "Icehouse" callback was one of the best I've ever had. I felt like the director knew he was going to hire me before I even got there. Back down for the "Ally" callback, it doesn't go all that great. Before I get home I get a "strong avail" for "Icehouse", yeah!!

Thursday, November 02, 2000

Today I went in for that "Icehouse" beer spot. I hope I get a callback since I got a parking ticket in the process.

Wednesday, November 01, 2000

Today I am shooting an episode of "Sabrina" as a guest in an art gallery. It was a quick day and Melissa Joan Hart is also directing. Since the strike ended I haven't had any commercial auditions, but I am sure it will pick-up over the coming weeks and months. Theatrically, I have been so busy that I have had to have my agents reschedule appointments for me. I am not usually that busy theatrically, I guess meeting all of these CD's is really coming back to me in a big way. Anyway today I missed an audition for an "Icehouse" beer spot because I was shooting. My agents got me rescheduled for tomorrow.

Tonight I went to a screening for "Echos of Enlightenment", a feature that I had a small part in written/directed by Dan Coplan. I portrayed a writer who said his script had been stolen. It was the first time I got to see myself on the big screen. Thanks Dan. I also saw Terry George at the screening; he is the executive producer, creator, writer & director of "The District". I had met him over the summer so I spoke to him; he gave me his card and said to call him.