Saturday, March 30, 2002

The week started with a BK audition. Got a callback/avail, but didn't book. Went in for another AFI film and had a callback today. I really want to be a part of this project; it would give me a chance to really embrace a character. I also worked on Tori Spelling's pilot "So Downtown". During lunch saw Tom Hanks, wife Rita Wilson and powerhouse manager/producer Bernie Brillstein on the CBS lot. Two mega-stars in a week!! I saw Denzel and his Ferrari @ Fox.

This one really caught me by surprise. One of my theatrical agents is retiring. She's been in the business all of her adult life and has decided to shift gears. Good for her, from what I can see she really deserves it.

On Thursday I went in for the "The Bonnie Hunt Project" @ Deborah Barylski's office. I read for two different smaller roles. Can I tell you that Deborah & Lynn Mason are two of the nicest casting people I have ever met? They sat me down and ask questions about me. I have never met anyone from this office before and they seemed to really care about what was going on with me. They seemed happy with my read, thanked me and I was on my way out as a call came in for Deborah. I was gathering my things and Lynn asked me to stay for a moment. They called me back in the room, gave me direction which amounted to dropping the script and doing an improv of an outline of the scene. It was even better this time. They sat me down again, explained to me how Bonnie works. Then Deborah told me she was going to recommend that Bonnie hire me. She even told how to handle the table read. It just seemed weird that she was telling me so much about the project and how Bonnie worked. I mean they were not large roles at all and didn't seem like they would recur. Hey, I'm not complaining it was just different. All of this time no other actors were in the office. She said that since it is a pilot it has to be approved by the network and the studio. Getting this role would be so above the call, because I am just so happy with what has already happened. She has never worked with Bonnie and is hiring these roles herself. I feel great that she is willing to send me straight to the table read without the filter of a producer session, and on for a pilot no less. I am not waiting on the phone to ring on this one.

Wednesday, March 27, 2002

This was the worse audition ever I think. It was for "Burger King". It was supposed to be our first audition. It was funny at hard it was to shake all that "actor stuff" of being polished but not really. So I made the choice of only looking at the copy once in rehearsal. Then I would "really" look stupid. I left feeling like it was really bad/really good. I just hope I can be as bad/good today.

Monday, March 25, 2002

Today makes it a full year since I left my overnight job waiting tables at a Hollywood Hotspot on the Sunset Strip. What a year it has been. I didn't leave the job because I had a lot of money. Yeah, I did have several minor things going on at the time, but nothing that guaranteed cash flow. No, it was more of a leap of faith for me. I felt I was doing about everything in my power to further my career and I had to move to the next level somehow. It was time to cut the safety net.

The job was killing me dead in my tracks. I had been working graveyard (11pm-7am) for 2 1/2 years, in class, auditioning, attending CD workshops and not sleeping at all. The big question I had to ask myself was "will it be harder to stay in this job or will it be harder to leave and possibly have to come back?" My answer was to take my chances now!! So I did. I requested a 3 month leave of absence. My plan was to get some things done that I couldn't get to before, my website, a voiceover class and a dance class. Fortunately, I was able to do all three, no more excuses.It has been an interesting year. I have been challenged like never before. I have also booked jobs like never before, but most of them have not paid a whole lot. That is okay because it has given me the opportunity to build my resume. When I left the job on March 25, 2001 my tentative return date was June 29, 2001. That date came and I was no where to found, I wasn't going back with out a fight. I've had ups and downs throughout, not emotionally or mentally, mainly just financially.

At times, it really made a difference when that steady cash wasn't coming in. Which made it clearer to me why I am concentrating on TV & commercials at this point in my career? I've had to call my old job a couple of times just to "check the temperature" of a possible return. I remember doing it once at the end of September and then booking 2 gigs that week. I also remember almost not being able to go home for X-mas, having to give up cable TV, trying to keep my cell phone and pager connected and let's not get started on my car issues. Just got cable back and things are looking up. All in all it's been wild jugglin' the money, not being able to afford reprinting photos and having to use alternative methods.

For whatever reason I have really enjoyed the challenged, it lets me know that I have a pulse. A year later I still stay up all night, the graveyard schedule is etched in my mind. I normally go to bed between 3-5am. My agents know I made the jump and have been really understanding of it all. I have auditioned for gigs that they might prefer I didn't, but I just wanna work. I feel like I am emerging from the woods and I won't have to go back, but who knows. With the survival gig thing I have changed my tune from "I am on a leave of absence" to "I used to work there". I hope it stays that way. It's really been a blessing to have a supportive family and friends some of which I have never met. Thank & Peace!!

Thursday, March 21, 2002

I booked a small role in the pilot "So Downtown" @ Greg Orson Casting. I'm glad I got it, because I twisted my knee while making a "strong choice". Ouch!! It still hurts! My agent did not want me to do it, but I needed the money.