Friday, May 15, 2009

Audition: “Verizon” @ Cathi Carlton Casting. Uhh…I’m not sure how this one went. My partner, who had the vast majority of the dialogue, was a little confused as to how the action was to play out. As a result we were a bit “clunky” to say the least. That’s too bad, especially since it shoots in Buenos Aires. I would love to go to South America!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

While I was in a deep, deep sleep from working the overnight shift last night my commercial agent calls with an appointment for this afternoon. Thankfully, it was for right away because I might have fallen back asleep and missed it. I was exhausted.

Audition: “Group Health” @ Joe Blake Casting. I think this one went well and afterwards I got to catch with a friend from New York, Shawn Richardz. We’ve been in LA about the same amount of time and have been on the hustle ever since. We had some good laughs trading stories about “the game”. She is definitely covering all of her bases and making things happen. Hopefully, we’ll both get callbacks.

I also got a call from my print agent informing me that I’m on avail for the “Volvo” print ad I went in for 2 weeks ago @ Gayle Means Casting. I’m going to book a print ad one of these days. I’ve been saying that for years, but I still believe it.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I stopped by both my theatrical and commercial agencies today. I just wanted to show my face since I happened to be in the area. It was great to talk to them to get an idea how they are seeing things. Yeah, things are pretty quiet, but we are both thinking that will change as pilots orders have been put out and some shows are coming back early. I sure hope so; I’m really ready to work. It has been extremely quiet lately, but as we know, things ebb and things flow…I think I’m ebbing.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Fourteen years ago today I arrived at New York's Port Authority Terminal with my last $200 and a duffel bag of clothing…a pink duffel bag…long story. Anyway, a lot has happened in the time since. So great; some not so great. Most of it really, really good. I've had a fantastic ride. I had no idea how tough and determined I really was until I was faced with producing results with no Plan B. When I look objectively at the numbers and the odds in my business I beam with pride. No, I didn't expect to be working at a "straight job" at this point in my career, but I think I'm handling it relatively well. I mean there are worse things and, honestly, I'm thankful to have been able to find employment.

So the plan is to stay the course, but at the same time explore other areas of my life. I have so much to do in life and career and I'm looking to everyday of it Yeah, living in LA is tough for me at times, but I have a feeling that will improve greatly when I move to a new place. Ideally, I think I'm more suited to live in an area with a much smaller population and more space, but LA is where I'm at for now…and probably for the future.