Sunday, September 23, 2001

SHOW ME THE MONEY!!! My cash flow is getting low. I left my restaurant gig six months ago not because I was making a lot of money, but more of a leap of faith. I felt that I had to leave in order to move up to the next level. In the last year I have booked 14 jobs in TV, Film & Commercials, but it hasn't added up to a lot of money. It really makes a difference when you are totally relying on acting income. For the last month it has been looking like I might have to consider going back to that part-time gig. I'm not going to do it without a fight though. Today I actually called my former manager to see what the deal was. She said she had been waiting for me to come back. It had been really slow since September 11th, but to call her in a week. NOOOOOOOO!!! I don't want to!!

Friday, September 21, 2001

I attended the SAG/CSA Joint Seminar this past Saturday put together by the SAG Casting Committee. It was hosted by Matthew Barry of Barry Green-Keyes Casting. Other CD's in attendance were April Webster, Donna Dockstader, Mark Teschner, Mark Paladini and Cami Patton. I attended the noon session, but they had a 10am & a 2pm session. Other CD's were Lisa Beach, Mary v Buck, Eric Dawson, Jane Jenkins, Meg Liberman, Nancy Green-Keyes, Ruth Lambert, Katy Wallin & Gary Zuckerbrod. We didn't get to read, but we did get to give them our photos. My agent just called me with appointment for Matthew Barry for the Film "Friday after Next" starring Ice Cube. I also have a callback for the film "Exposed" through Erica Arvold. After it being slow for several weeks this week has been really busy. Keep it coming!!

Tuesday, September 11, 2001

A day that no one will ever forget. Depressing, sad and tragic to say the least.