Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Callback: "Cold Case" @ Shaner/Testa Casting. This is interesting and I'm loving that these things are happening more often.

I auditioned for “Cold Case” just last week. To recap - I read for the guest lead and it went well, but the CD, Michael Testa, felt I was too young. Ironically, I thought I was perfect for it – shows what I know. So he gave me another role in the episode to read, a smaller guest-star. This character was 44! So I went outside and prepared and returned to read. I felt that went well too, but as the days passed it became clear that I wasn’t going to producers. No problem, I left good stuff in the room and hopefully they'll bring me back for another role in the future.


My Rockstar agent, Caleigh, calls with the news that “Cold Case” wants to bring me back in for, get this, the 23 year old version in 1986 of the same character that was 43! YEAH! This is good news because it is showing me how people are seeing me as far as age range goes. After all, “how we are seen” is more important than “how we see ourselves”.

This role is smaller than the guest star and listed as co-star, but still a nice, important scene in the episode. So, my Rockstar agent, Caleigh, pushes for that since I originally came in for guest-starring roles can this co-star be made a guest-star as well, if I were to book it. There was some discussion about my quote and the answer was “yes”. I’ve always said that there is a gray area as far as billing goes and compensation goes.

So I printed the sides and literally slept with them last night – seriously. I actually woke up in the middle of the night and read them a couple of times with the light of my cell phone.

Anyway, that wasn’t even what I was talking about when referring to what has been happening more and more. What I mean is getting in the position that casting has me on their mind even when I’m not in front of them. One of my goals has always been to “get in their mouth” and this is proof that it’s happening.

So the read, on tape, went really well. I got one re-direct and handled it and that was that. The tape is going directly to the set since this episode is already shooting so a decision will probably be made today or tomorrow. Either way, I left some good stuff in the room.

Audition/Producers: "Oreska" @ Dori Zuckerman Casting. OMG! This was bound to happen. Yup, I took a dump in the room. Man did I suck - like really bad. It’s not the first time, just the first time in a while; especially coming off so many really good auditions. I just didn't connect with the character, but I didn't know it until after it was over. It’s funny because I always feel a little weird when I audition for someone that I work as a reader for. I’ve gotten several roles that way, but they have been smaller roles that I never actually read for. Either way, I was terrible. I talked to my agent about it and she was really supportive. Honestly, I didn’t beat myself up too much over it. I learned something about the type of stuff I connect to – I’m not sure what I learned, but something. It’s all good.


Saturday, September 22, 2007

Another anniversary? Yup! 14 years ago today I attended my first acting class in Virginia Beach, VA. Who would of thought? Well, it’s not that much of a stretch to think I’d still be pursuing my career after all this time, but the reality of it trips me out from time to time.

Wow, 30+ plus commercials, 40+ TV episodics, several films, 2 international trips for work, 1,000’s of drop-offs, a couple of voiceovers, a couple of print jobs and not one single booking on a daytime soap opera later I am still here standing tall.

It's been some kind of ride to say the least and I think there is a lot of great stuff ahead for me. That doesn't mean things are perfect; trust me they aren't, but I'm much more happy than sad. I have a tremendous amount of potential to carry me through.

The thing that really trips me out is that I’ve truly made my own way at most every turn in my pursuit. I didn’t have anyone to turn to for advice and I think that was one of the best things that happened early on. Well, that’s not totally true. I did have people to turn to, but I couldn’t figure out why I should trust their judgment for my future because they weren’t doing what I wanted to do.

What I did do was a lot of listening; I didn’t ask many questions, but I listened to everything. I learned more about what didn’t make sense for me to do than what to do. Being a “Logically/Zen” thinker that is curious about how things works is what has served me the best. So here’s to the last QTR on ’07 and beyond!

On to other things; a couple of weeks ago I was interviewed for the Everything Acting Podcast. This is a really cool resource for actors at many different levels. I wanted to be familiar with the program before the interview so over the past 3 weeks I listened to every one of the previous episodes – like 54 of them. I guess that’s research huh?

It’s funny how nervous I still get when doing things like this, but I think I did okay – at least I hope so. I don’t know when mine will air, but I’ll post it when I find out.


Thursday, September 20, 2007

Audition/Tape/Producers: "The Unit" @ Bialy/Thomas Casting. I really want to be on this show! Preferably as a soldier rolling around in the dirt. I don't know what it is about dirt, but I love being dirty, sweaty and just actually doing stuff in 3-D. Growing up I was definitely not a "house cat" playing Atari/Combat or laying on the couch; I was an "outside cat" building something, jumping something or breaking something.

I remember when I was about 4 years old in the field picking strawberries with my family and my mom had just dusted most of the dirt off of me. I went straight back to the field, gathered a fresh bag of dirt and promptly poured it over my head. I still remember how it felt – it was cool feeling. At that moment my mom knew that "there was something about Stephon....well Bryan".

Anyway, Sharon Bialy, who is a really nice lady, had me read the scene 3 times and I think I gave her what she wanted. I'm going to get on this show one day! She told me that she called me in from the drop-off I recently did.

Okay, now it's off to be a reader for "The Mall" at Dori Zuckerman Casting. Since it's a musical I'll be reading with triple threats - actor/singers/dancers - male and female. I'm really looking forward to this.

7 hours straight later.

Wow, what a long day. Always interesting, never dull and quite enlightening into the process of how films are made.

One of the more surprising things was that only one or two actors didn't have a headshot and resume. Most of them were stapled too - go figure.

Being a true triple threat is no joke - and rare to be honest; especially when you are competing with New York actors. I saw a lot of actors that also sing and move well, but that's different than a true triple threat. Some of the New York choices I saw on tape completely blew me away, but I also some super talented LA-based challengers.

There is always, always, always a fine example of what not to do in an audition. I'll keep the story to myself, but trust me it will be retold. The funny thing is that the actor wasn't bad, but the little stunt he/she pulled definitely showed that he/she was...odd.


Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Shooting: “Bones” @ 20th Century Fox Studios. I’ve worked on most of the studio lots in town, but this is the first time I’ve worked at Fox. I’ve booked on the lot in the past, but never actually filmed here.

I arrived at Stage 9 at 9am this morning and by 9:07 I was already trying on wardrobe choices for the director. It seems like the only time I get to dress really nice is when I’m working on a project! That needs to change. I’m not into labels but I do like nice quality clothing that fit me correctly. Then it was back to my trailer. Since I was the only one working besides the series regulars and major recurring players; I had a pretty nice set up. The trailer wasn’t all that large, but it was very nice and comfortable.

After a while they directed me to the hair and make-up trailer to be wigged and bearded. I was blown away by the results. I called Caleigh and couldn’t stop laughing while explaining my wig and beard to her. So, after the photographer took my photos it was “hurry up and wait”…and wait…and wait. Before they took my wig off I walked down to the casting office to show them my look. I entered the office and the two associates had no idea who I was...at all. Actually, there was a split second of weirdness until they heard my voice; that’s when they recognized me. Then they called out to the casting director and he really had no idea who I was, but was equally fascinated with my look – funny.

I also got some new assessments of my age range. In the right situation I can play mid-20’s to early 40’s without a problem – this booking proves it.

Hours later my agent called with an audition for tomorrow. It was a co-star, but she had a strategy for me going in on it after checking her records of when I last read at this office. The last time they called with an audition I passed on it – plus there was some other confusion. I liked her strategy so I agreed to go, plus I had dropped off at that office just a few days ago. I really want to get on either of their shows, plus they always have pilots.

Still in my trailer and a couple of hours away from shooting I start snooping around the set to watch the filming that was going on. When you are on a set for any length of time you can tell who is new. One of the PA’s saw me for the first time kinda looking for a comfortable place to watch the filming. He asked if I was “finding everything okay”, but he asked me in guarded sorta manner. Not at all disrespectful, but in a way that he knew I wasn’t around every week or for the entire episode. I responded that “I was just watching and I think my scene was up next”. Immediately everything changed. I told him I was playing “Darwin Banks” and right away he said “Great! Have you seen where we are shooting your scene?” I responded “No” and he offered to take me there so I could “get into the space”. Then he gave me a tour of the entire Stage 9 and even took me over to their other stage – Stage 6 and gave me a tour of that one too. It’s an incredible space.

He ended up really looking out for me for the rest of the evening – making sure I always had a place to sit and water while watching the scene previous to mine being shot. He introduced me to the writers and other actors working. I had a nice conversation with recurring character John Francis Daley about karate and motocross. I was also re-introduced to director Chad Lowe. It was great to watch the previous scene to get a feel of how the director and series lead David Boreanaz worked so I knew a little of what to expect.

I had already been to the room where my scene was to take place, but when David got there he didn’t like it and wanted to move to a different place to shoot. I happened to agree that they way the scene was written it didn’t really make sense that it would be shot in that specific room – I even voiced my opinion and supported David. So after some back and forth Chad agreed to move it to where David, who is also a producer, wanted it to be shot.

We did a couple of first team rehearsals and the scene took shape. Second team came in for camera set-up and lighting and we came back and put it together. Chad, being an actor, wasn’t shy about communicating with us and was very complimentary. I didn’t like one of the lines they had changed during re-writes and told the script supervisor that it didn’t make sense for me – so I dropped it and said it like I did in the audition.

So I wrapped after 13 ½ hours and was on my way. But not before signing out and returning my wardrobe to the wardrobe trailer myself. It seems that I am the only actor in Los Angeles that does that. The AD’s are always pleasantly surprised by that. I think I started doing that when I was on “Good Morning, Miami”. I just don’t want anyone to come in my trailer and there is stuff everywhere. I can’t promise I’ll always return my wardrobe in person, but I’ll always be a team player and respect the other departments that make me look my best.

Finally, on my way home to prepare for tomorrow’s audition and a marathon session as a reader for a film.


Tuesday, September 18, 2007

My agent called this afternoon with the details of the “Bones” booking. Since I didn’t already have a Guest-star, one hour drama quote and my Guest-star, half comedy quote doesn’t quite translate I didn’t expect to get too much in the way of money for this job. Plus my half-hour Guest quote was for “Love Inc.” was on UPN and not one of the big four networks so, from negotiating standpoint we were pretty much starting from scratch. In the end I got everything I expected and a “little more”. The “little more” was my agent making sure I had the “nicest available trailer”. Cool.

I’ve had nice accommodations before, I think the nicest might have been…well the “nicest, nicest” was probably while flying to Tokyo, fully reclined at 38,000 feet over the Pacific Ocean, with this absolutely stunning Asian flight attendant taking my order for a 4-course meal to be served during the flight…her scent was like…her hands were so…anyway, back to reality, I think the nicest trailer was on “Ally McBeal”. It’s just good to have someone on your side to negotiate things like that for you because in many cases we actors just want the job.

Caleigh also told me that my co-star quote helped me get what I got for this guest-star role. I told her thanks and that the most important thing for me was the opportunity to work, furthering my relationship with a busy casting office, the main title credit, hopefully a nice piece of tape and the credit on my resume.


Friday, September 14, 2007

Audition: “Cold Case” @ Shaner/Testa Casting. This is a great role I’m reading for today; 13 pages of sides. I think I’m really right for it too and my agent is excited to have gotten me an appointment.

The first time I read it for the CD I was doing a little too much “stuff” and I was giving the note. The character is doing “stuff” in the scene, but I guess I went a little too far. I did it again and was much more grounded and real. The second scene went pretty well; not great, but good.

After I was finished he took a close look at me and then my credits and then said he felt I looked too old for the character and requested that I read for another character. So I took time with those and went back in. I felt a bit too young for the character, but I think the read was good. My goal is to be someone he’ll bring back in future if not for this role. He shook my hand and I was on my way. I think callbacks are Monday and I don’t think I’m getting one for some reason.

When I think about how many drop-offs, postcards, workshops, classes and miles I’ve driven around this town I just shake my head. It’s been an overwhelming amount of work and I wouldn’t want to have to do it over again from scratch. The great thing is that I’m seeing direct results from the effort and creative approached I’ve developed. I must admit that it makes me feel great to have made some headway in such a difficult field.

The other day when I was at FOX Studios waiting to audition for “Bones” I was going over my lines and I saw a golf cart coming my way with two women in it. As they got closer I waved and smiled, not because I knew them, because I just like to greet others with a warm, open smile.

Truthfully, I wasn’t paying that much attention to them because I was working on my material and then I hear “Hey Stephon!” As they got closer I see that it’s a very important TV CD and her associate driving the cart. It caught me by surprise, because even though I have met and auditioned for them in the past I just rarely expect people to remember me.

I also recall when I was at the table read after booking “Criminal Minds” and CD Scott David made it seem like a no brainer that I would eventually get on the show. I was surprised by that for some reason. No brainer? I didn’t think he really remembered me specifically they way he made it seem. Maybe he remembers that at the workshop I attended of his that my scene partner slapped the heck out of me during the scene. I won’t call that scene partner “crazy”, but I will say she was “crazy adjacent” at least. The story……

Obviously, I know that all the work I’ve put in is paying off, but for some reason I’m still surprise that I get appointments. It’s still surreal to me for some reason.

Audition: “XXXXXX” @ Xxxxx Xxxxxx Casting. I hate doing that but they had me sign a confidentiality agreement to audition for this project and I don’t want any trouble! I remember dropping off for this film November 20th 2006 way out in Malibu. I got kinda frustrated because I couldn’t find the correct building and almost gave up, but I kept at it and finally found the right office. I never expect to hear anything from a drop-off I just wanna get my photo in the mix and see what happens…looks like something is happening.

I’m not positive it came from that drop-off way back when, but I think it might have have. I don’t think my agent submitted me for a role of just a couple of lines because they are trying to get me in for bigger stuff. When she called she wasn’t sure if I even wanted to read for it or not. I love that! I remember when a similar sized role came up for “Spiderman III” and she had the same reaction. “Stephon, I’m sorry it’s just a couple of lines, but it’s a big project…are you interested?”

For the record, my answer in these situations is almost always a cool “yes” on the outside, but on the inside it’s “YES!!!” It just shows how much my reps believe in me and want more for me, but I can work it from the other side, because everything gets run by me before decisions are made. It’s a really big project, with a really big director and I’m really right for this small role.

The casting office was not releasing any sides for the project so I was instructed to arrive early to go over the material. So I arrive early, park, get buzzed into the building, sign-in, get escorted into the elevator, go to the 3rd floor, sign the confidentiality agreement. Then and only did I get the on page of sides. Then I had to go back to the 2nd floor to audition.

I saw 3 other actors there that I knew and had worked with in the past. That always makes me feel good; it gives me the feeling that I’m on the right path. So after all of that the read went really. I did 3 different takes that were put on tape and that’s that. Oh yeah, when it was over the casting associate kept the sides.


Thursday, September 13, 2007

Audition: “Sony CyBravia” @ Plaster Casting. I got to play a waiter! It was fun and brought back some great memories because I was an excellent waiter if I say so myself. Who knows, maybe I’ll get a callback.


Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Wow, it’s been a busy 2-3 weeks. Cool, no complaints from me. My agent, Caleigh, left a message for me saying the she’d gotten feedback from “Bones” and to call her at the office. First, I have to say that it feels great to have an agent in the trenches with me hustling to get me seen.

She asked if I wanted the good news or the bad news first. I said I’ll take the bad news first, but I wanted to first thank her for her support, encouragement and always taking time for me.

So on to the bad news. The bad news was that I didn’t book the Guest leading role that I had the appointment for yesterday. Before I could tell her that I didn’t actually read for that role she flowed right into the good news. The good news was that I booked the role that they added just a few hours before my appointment. She said I am “the choice” and that FOX had already approved me. Needless to say I was shocked; totally shocked. I expected the good news to be along the lines of “we liked him, but he’s not right for this – we’ll bring him back”. The interesting thing is that this role is 10-15 years older than what I normally play. So we have to establish a quote and make the deal...wow.

This evening my commercial agent informed me that I had been released from my avail for the “AT&T” spots @ Ross Lacy Casting. I didn’t even know I was on avail. I hope I don’t continue my trend of commercial avail releases from the last year.

I was out doing drop-offs a couple of days ago and stopped by a casting office that I have a relationship with. I just put my photo in the box and was leaving, but then I saw a young guy and asked him if they were in. He wasn’t sure, but told me to go on back if I wanted to. I hesitated, but then went on back and the casting director and associate were there. They greeted me with hugs and asked what I’d been up to. They also told me about their current projects and made it clear to me that there was one I hadn’t been submitted for by my agent. I admittedly was a little surprised, by not worried or annoyed. I assume that happens from time to time and that’s why I’m out in the streets hustling, doing my part.

I called my agent and told her about the project and the roles the CD said I was right for. The CD said they’ll start reading actors in a couple of weeks and I’ll be brought in. Gotta stay on the grind.


Tuesday, September 11, 2007

I'm sure most of us remember where we were when the news broke of the WTC bombings 6 years ago today. I sure do. When I saw it on the news I couldn't believe my eyes.

A New York actor friend of mine, Dorian Missick, stayed with me while in Los Angeles a few weeks earlier taking meetings and booked an episode of "NYPD Blue" to shoot here in LA. He was supposed to return to shoot on September 11th '01. I feverishly started dialing his contact numbers trying to confirm that he was okay.

I finally caught up with him; he was at the airport in Newark in preparation to fly here before all flights were grounded. Fortunately, he was able to eventually get to Los Angeles shoot the episode.

Callback: “AT&T” @ Ross Lacy Casting. Bright and early this morning I made my way out to Santa Monica for a callback that I thought happened last week. Turns out I was being brought straight to producers for an entirely different series of spots. Cool. The spots were really funny, small and subtle. I also got to actually see Ross and thank him for the countless opportunities he has given me over the years. The audition went well and maybe I’ll hear something later today.

Audition/Producers: “Bones” @ Rick Millikan Casting. This is great news for a couple of reasons. One, is that I auditioned for Rick’s other show, “Shark” about 5 weeks ago and it went really, really well. I think I was a little young for the part, but I think Rick liked what he saw in my work. One other reason is that this is a Guest lead of this episode, 3 scenes and 8 pages of sides.

Believe it or not I think I’m a little young for this one too, but “really right” for it. I’ll let the producers/director make that decision. So after working on it for hours I felt ready to deliver the goods.


A couple of hours before my appointment I get a call from my agent saying that casting had called and wanted me to read for another role as well. I was immediately familiar with the role she was talking about because I’d read all of the other available sides. Get this – this character is even older than the original one I was to read for, by 5-7 years. What?! Oh well. I felt I was “really right” for this one too just maybe too young according to the specs. Again, I’ll let the producers/director make the decisions.

So I get to FOX studios and there are quite a few actors waiting to read and they haven’t started. So I found a place to warm up the scene and focus. Since it was really taking a while to start I decided to call my agent for two reasons. First, to thank her for “saving me from myself” concerning “Journeyman” (kind of long story) and to ask if they had booked the role I went to producers for. I was going to wait to call her later, but the end of the day was rapidly approaching.

Since I hadn’t heard anything I figured they had booked another actor on “Journeyman” and I was right. Caleigh didn’t want to give me the news until after my audition so it wouldn’t mess my head up, but I was okay. Actually, I felt great. No, I didn’t get the whole dealio with the booking, but I got the vast majority of a really good deal. On to the next!

After some time the session started and Rick greeted me. He asked what character I had and told him the original character and that they added another just a few hours ago. He said, “okay, we’ll just read that one for time”. I said, “okay cool”. This was the smaller role and the one that was way older than what I play – at least I think so.

I get in the room, give a quick wave to the producers/director, take my place and get ready to work. Right then, director Chad Lowe, says and waves “Hi” to me in a way that made feel like I’d met him before – I hadn’t. I guess he’s just really nice to actors which I think is great.
The scene went “smoove like butta!” I took my time and felt the levels. When I got up to leave, Chad, again, was super nice and waved good-bye. He seriously made me think about if I’d worked with him in the past. Nope, but hopefully I’ll work with him in the future.


Monday, September 10, 2007

Callback: “Journeyman” @ UDK Casting. I am so perfect for this role it’s not funny. The callback went really well, just like the pre-read; actually I got the feeling that the pre-read was really a “work session”. I took that to mean he was already planning to bring me back for a callback.

Anyway, I got in the room with CD Robert Ulrich and director/writer/producer Alex Graves. I did it once, said my good-byes and walked off the FOX studio lot feeling great about my performance and that my work is done.


Friday, September 07, 2007

Me with two of my favorite people in the whole
world - my 'lil bro Todd & my 'lil sis Avis.

Audition: "October Road" @ Donna Rosenstein Casting. My agent called with this one and wasn’t sure if I’d want to pass on it or not – it was just a few lines. I returned the call to let her know I wanted to go in for a couple of reasons; one of which is that I need and want to work, but the other reason is that the character is drunk. I wanna play drunk again! I played drunk in a play a couple of years ago.

Oh yeah, another reason (that I didn’t tell my agent) is that this is the casting associate that I had the long conversation with at the surprise birthday party earlier in the week. Cool. Maybe I’m learning to network!

The audition was on tape for producers and it was quick-fast, in and out. I’ve been trying to get into this office for years. Funny how things work sometimes.

Audition: "Journeyman" @ UDK Casting. This is the type of role that I really fit on many of the 1 hour dramas currently on TV. The character is a crime lab analyst; ya know the nerdy type guy who speaks intelligently, but is “TV cool”. This role fits me perfectly, not that I’m even “TV cool” but…. It’s a one-day Guest-Star, that is possibly recurring.

It’s funny, UDK is one of the busiest TV offices in the country and I wish I had the opportunity to audition there much more often than I do, but I do get in on occasion. I booked “CSI” there years ago and I know all of the partners. I know this particular partner for this audition better than the others, to the point of being able to call him directly if there is something I want to be seen for. In all of these years I’ve known him I’ve never called him once. I have called my agent that covers that office before about roles in the past, but they didn’t think those roles where right enough to put in a call; which is great because sometimes I need my agents to “protect me from myself”.

When we see each other or talk, which isn’t too often, there is usually a bit to catch up on and we do it at a frenetic pace. Fortunately, when I was brought in the room, he was just beginning to talk, but caught himself and then said “we’ll talk afterwards”. This was good because I was really prepared, the role is perfect for me and I just wanted to get to work.

The audition went perfectly; matter of fact I think it was the best theatrical audition I’ve ever had. Yeah; definitely. I did everything I wanted to do the exact way I wanted to do it. When I was finished he too said it was perfect and asked me to come back for producers on Monday. We then proceeded to catch up for the next 10-15 minutes. Yeah!

I then called my agent, Caleigh, to let her know how it went and she was thrilled. She told me that it has definitely been a priority of hers to get me in for more substantial roles and I have noticed it. We talked about the “co-star thing” for a bit as well. I’m in a great position in that I have these wonderful agents around me that continually believe in me and my talent.


Thursday, September 06, 2007

Audition/Producers: "Cane" @ LaPadura/Hart Casting. This was a producer session for the role of US Attorney. I read it once and was redirected to do it again. I was really happy with the outcome. I was also happy that, personally, I fully embraced the notion of being believable as an attorney - I'm growing up.

Rehearsal: "Darfur Stories: Tell Them". This is for a staged reading at the University Synagogue. It was fun; I got to work a small group of talented actors including Nicole J. Butler, Emma Jacobson-Sive and Charley Rossman (who couldn’t make this rehearsal because he was shooting in Canada). We are all reading at least 6-7 parts so it was a little chaotic at times, but fun to be up on our feet collaborating and acting. The actual performance is Saturday evening.


Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Audition: “Boston Legal” @ Valko/Miller Casting. This is a small, recurring role a clerk of the court. I’ve read for this office many times over they years, but haven’t booked since the first time I read for them for “Ally McBeal” – a long time ago. But they keep bringing me back and that is a good thing.

I was ready and the read went well. Ken Miller the CD gave me some direction and I took it; he asked me to come back for the producers/director later in the afternoon. He re-iterated that this role will, most likely, appear throughout the season.

Since I didn’t have anything else going on I hung out down in Manhattan Beach for a couple of hours until the producer session. The producer session went just okay I felt. I mean, it wasn’t bad; it’s just that I like to get right to work when I enter the room. After 9 years in Los Angeles I’ve worked with many of these producers/directors/writers in the past. So when you enter the room you don’t know if they remember you or not; so I was trying to concentrate on the work, but not be rude at the same time since everyone was being introduced to me.
Sure enough, the director I worked with on “Monk” was in the room. So in a split second my mind wondered if I should acknowledge him or treat him as just another face in the crowd. No worries, it just stayed in my head for a split second. So, we’ll see what happens. Ken Miller and Nikki Valko are great people to have in your corner and I’ll book for them again soon. I really want to be on “Boston Legal”.


Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Tonight my friend Denice Sealy invited me to attend a surprise birthday party for a casting associate at a really important TV office in town. I know this associate and have booked for the office, but I don't know him "like that" - obviously Denice is part of the "in crowd". I'm used to being left out and it’s okay – I’m pretty boring, lol!

Anyway, when the associate arrived he was really, really surprised to see everyone. We had a great time and had some great conversations about classic rock bands, Heart, Rush, Pat Benatar, Kansas, etc. Denice and I also spoke for a good while with a casting associate from another busy TV casting office in town. It’s always interesting to hear their perspectives on things. It was a great evening, surrounded by great people in a great house in Los Feliz – with a great view.