Monday, July 10, 2000

Not a whole lot happening, just keeping busy to stay prepared for any opportunities that may arise. My night job, workshops and picket lines take up most of my time. I did a workshop on July 10th with Dori Zuckerman @ Henderson/Zuckerman Casting and 2 weeks later she asked me to be a reader.

Also at this time I called one of my theatrical agents and discussed management with her. I told her I was committed and ready to do it. She called back the next day with 3 appointments. I did research on them and took the meetings. The first meeting, Daniel Rojo Management was cool, he seemed really excited about me and he "got" me. The 2nd meeting with Reaves/D'Andrea Entertainment was cool with a bit less of a connection. The 3rd meeting @ Bohemia Entertainment was different; this guy was really aggressive and edgy. He seemed to like my style but he felt I needed too much work for his company.