Friday, February 13, 1998

WHY IS IT SO SLOW? I haven't had an audition in 3 1/2 weeks and it is Friday the 13th @ 4pm, another week almost over. Then the pager started buzzing, in the next two hours I got 5 calls and 4 appointments for Monday. One was for "Wendy's" at the same CD's office that booked me on the Spain job. I was booked on this and it was to shoot in Miami. YEAH!! Miami in February!! Escape from New York for a couple of days!! First-class flights and five-star hotels was the order of the day. Someone from the production office actually called me to ask "what airport I preferred to fly out of". Are you kidding me? "One with planes" I answered. Anyway, the spot was with Dave Thomas and pro baseball player Chipper Jones. Meanwhile my buddy Greg who had moved to LA booked the lead in an NBC pilot.