Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Shooting: "Dollhouse" @ Fox Studios. This was good time; a little nerve-racking 'cause I had to correctly pronounce a few medical terms and use a few instruments while working on a patient. It was hot, sweaty and fun.

My name was on every single page...

The only bad part was that I had to get my shift at my day/night job covered. That might sound a little silly, but I pride myself in being a hard, reliable employee/independent contractor - whether it's for Warner Bros., Paramount or a job in the "real world". I wanted to also work at my other job because I like having a tight schedule and it's a good mix for me right now to have things to do that aren't entertainment related.

It was a pretty short day shooting and I could have made it to my overnight shift in time, but I had already gotten it covered.

On the show I worked with a friend that I’ve worked with numerous times in the past. She works on another show on the Fox lot normally and said that every week she thinks she’s going to see me show up to work on it too. I like that way of thinking! Anyway, I haven’t yet auditioned for that other show, but I have read for that same casting office the does casts that show twice this season. So maybe I’ll get a chance to get on that show before too long. Fingers crossed. I won’t bombard them with more drops – that would be overkill, they know I’m out here.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Okay, it looks like me being "the choice" for Joss Whedon's "Dollhouse" has turned into me actually being booked for the project. It should be fun; sure I'd like to do more, but I'd rather be on set than not right now. Make no mistake; it's great to book another job, but the smaller co-star roles are not so much where I want to go with my career.

One of the many good things about it is that they agreed to pay me more than I expected thanks to my agent. Of course the money isn't the only good thing, but it's an important element in the bigger picture. Another good thing is that this is the 3rd time that this particular casting office has hired me. That is definitely a good thing. Oh yeah, ANOTHER great thing is that I now have something new and fresh to send postcards about. So there you go; it's usually better to be working than not - usually.

Oh yeah, and how can I forget this positive part of the equation? It’s a SAG show and not AFTRA. I know I’ll eventually work under an AFTRA contract, but right now I don’t even pursue AFTRA shows in my personal hustle. Hopefully, one day things will change, but right now in my mind AFTRA = a pay cut. For the life of me I can’t understand why AFTRA is SO okay with actors working for less than we have in the past. I keep thinking I’m missing something about AFTRA, but I can’t get anyone to explain to me how AFTRA is moving acting as a profession in a positive direction.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

…hmmm – no news on my “situation” today. “Situation” meaning me being “the choice” for the role on “Dollhouse”. I guess I could’ve simply called my agent to see what the dealio was. Sometimes I do exactly that, but for some strange reason I’ve just decided to let it work itself out. I mean if they want to book me I’ll eventually find out, me calling is not going to speed things up. All of the sudden I’m “Mr. Patient”??? Where did that come from? “Patiently, impatient” would describe me well – sometimes.

On the flipside I called one of my other agents to see if I was still in the running from my callback yesterday for “Kath & Kim”. No rhyme or reason; I guess I wasn’t feeling so patient. The answer came about an hour later it was “no” I am no longer in the running for “Kath & Kim”. Oh well, hopefully I’ll get another shot to work on the show again soon.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Callback: “Kath & Kim” @ Greenstein/Daniel Casting. This went really well. It was just a couple of lines, but I walked out thinking I booked the role and even if I didn’t book this one they will bring me back in soon for something else. I felt great about it.

Yesterday I got word that I was “the choice” for “Dollhouse”, but I didn’t hear anything by the end of the day yesterday or all day today. …hmmm…being “the choice” and being “officially booked” are two totally different things. “The choice”, “callbacks”, nor “avails” pay a fee – “official bookings” do. Maybe tomorrow I’ll get some news that includes me being “officially booked”.

Here's the postcard I sent out a couple of weeks ago. I didn't have anything specific to highlight, but I wanted to take a moment to recognize the assistants, associates and directors in casting and the directors on the projects I've worked on over the years - and obviously try to drum up some business. Thanks guys and gals!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Well, I “thought” I was off work last night. I was “on-call” and was called in to cover someone else’s shift. I’m tired, plus I have two overnight shifts to follow. I’m not complaining, I’m just sayin’.

Audition: “Kath & Kim” @ Greenstein/Daniel Casting. I read for a series regular role on the show a couple months ago and it’s nice to get back in there. It’s not a series regular role, but something is usually better than nothing – usually.

I worked overnight last night; got off at 7am this morning, slept from 8am until 9am, rehearsed some more from 9am to 9:30 in order to make it to my audition at 10:30am. Whew! At least I’m off tonight.

When I first read the sides I had this character in mind that I wanted to go in as, but in the end decided not to take the risk of taking it too over the top. I was hoping I wouldn’t regret it. The audition, which was a pre-read, went well. I read it once, got some direction and did it again and was on my way.

Soon as I got in the car to leave my agent called. My first thought was that I needed to return to the casting office to read again with more direction. I listened to the voice mail from my agent and it instructed me to call the office. That usually means that I booked something or am close to booking something. Could I have booked the “Kath & Kim” that quick? Stranger things have happened…not to me, but they’ve happened I’m sure.

When I called the office the agent that left the voicemail was on a conference call and I spoke to one of my other agents – the one that covered the “Kath & Kim” office. She asked how it went; I told her and she said that the other agent would return my call shortly.

A short while later my call was returned. The news was that I was “the choice” for the role from my audition for “Dollhouse” yesterday. My agent needed to confirm my quote information to make the deal. Cool!

Five minutes later the “Kath & Kim” agent called back to say that I have a callback for “Kath & Kim” tomorrow at the studio. Yay!!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Audition/Tape/Producers: “Dollhouse” @ CFB Casting. Cool! I did a drop-off at both locations of this office last week. I also recently sent out a round of postcards last week as well. Gotta let people know I’m here…and still here. This office previously cast me on “Monk” & “Weeks”. Let’s make it a third time!
I worked overnight last night; got off at 7am this morning, slept from 8am until 9am, rehearsed some more from 9am to 9:30 in order to make it to my audition at 10:30am. Whew! At least I’m off tonight. The audition went well and I was on my way…I didn’t even do it “better” in the car on the way home.

Friday, August 15, 2008

I took ANOTHER blood test this morning. Still trying to get to the bottom of the reasons why my iron is low. My anemia is very mild, but I feel completely drained of energy sometimes. Working the graveyard shift probably doesn’t help either...and I need to eat more…and drink more water…and sleep more. I know, I know. Anyway, I should get the results in a few weeks and the figure out what the next step is.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

After 2 weeks of quiet I finally got a call for an audition. YAY!!!! My night job is occupying quite a bit of my existence right now so I don’t notice it as much when I don’t get appointments. I’m not sure if that’s good or bad. At any rate, it’s nice to have other things on my mind than the entertainment business.

Audition: “The Game” @ Susan Goddard-Smythe Casting. This just went okay. I won’t go into it too much, but I think I heard the actor before me through the wall and thought he was perfect for it. I knew going in I was going to have trouble – maybe he got in my head – just being honest.

Audition: “State Farm” @ Alyson Horn Casting. This went great! I think I’m perfect for it and I should get a callback.

Friday, August 01, 2008

Last minute, same-day call. It seems like it's been forever since I've had a theatrical appointment.

Audition: "Dirty, Sexy, Money" @ Junie Lowry Johnson Casting. I've been trying get back in this office for a long time. One of the associates used to call me in a few years ago. I never felt I was quite right for the roles, but it was great to get seen nonetheless.

The role was that of a reporter; a few lines. It would have been nice if there was more substance; actually my agent was a little weary about me going in at all, but right now I'd like to book just about anything.

It went okay. Actually, it went much better in the car afterwards. It was one of those situations where I think I should've committed more and not downsized it for the small casting office. I should've been "that actor" that you hear through the walls hooting and hollering because he's "in the zone"...yeah that's probably what I should've done. Oh well, I bet “that actor” got the job - and rightly so. Good for him!