Wednesday, April 04, 2001

I have an audition today for "Pizza Hut" @ Deborah Kurtz Casting. That is an office that I don't get into that often, but since doing a lot of commercial drop-offs I have gotten into a lot of offices that I have never been to or haven't in a while. Anyway I have a callback Friday, avail Friday night and am booked Sunday afternoon. Now I had done two other "Pizza Hut" spots for another director. I didn't think this one was connected to the other creative people. There are so many people in the room that it is hard to really focus on anyone. I go to the fitting Monday afternoon and I am thinking I'm anonymous, and then they tell me that the art director has my photo on his wall from the first spot. These are some of the same creative people as before. The spot stars Carmen Electra and is directed by Bob Dylan's son Jesse Dylan. It felt really good to be on somebody's list.