Thursday, December 07, 1995

MY EYE!!! MY EYE!!! Something is going on with my eyes. I've been wearing contact lenses for the last several years and...... I've been slipping on the maintenance part. Well, now it's time to pay the band. The pain had been brewing for a day or two.

It started with the feeling that I had a grain of sand in my eye. It quickly progressed to downright terrifying, I mean unbelievable. Any sort of light absolutely killed me. I didn't have any health insurance, but I had to go get checked out. I actually had to wait until the sun went down to go to the hospital.

So I go out and it's snowing, I like really cannot see. The first cab I hail wouldn't take me to the Westside; he said the roads were too bad. That was crap; he was just being a jerk. I get another cab to take me to the hospital. He takes me to the wrong place; the right place is a couple of blocks over. I am in unbelievable pain, it's snowing, I'm in the wrong place AND I can't see. I am a sitting duck.

I finally make it to the right place and am quickly diagnosed with ????? I am prescribed an ointment sent on my way.

I call my manager at the Harley-Davidson Cafe and inform him that I will not be able work the following day. It's the first time in my life that I have ever called in sick.

I had many friends in my room at night in the form of bats without wings.....RATS!!! Or mice, they are all the same to me. Get this I had a reading light up on my fancy loft bed. Well, it wasn't really all that fancy. The light cord ran down to the floor. One night I woke up and saw 3 or 4 mice scurrying. One was literally running down the cord of the light, another on top of the TV and another on the floor. I was officially freaked out. I mean, in one sense, it was really cool because it was clear that I was doing for my future. They added character. I guess.