Monday, February 26, 2001

Tomorrow I am shooting a "US Postal Service" spot. Today as I am driving in the rain trying to be careful getting to my fitting for my "USPS" shoot tomorrow my cell phone rings. I don't get many calls on my cell phone, but lately the ones that I have gotten have been "'nuttin but love". It is my Theatrical agent; she is telling me that she has an offer for "The District" for me. I had auditioned a week ago and had thrown the sides out thinking it was over. I was totally shocked, she kinda thought I was hesitating on accepting because...well I was hesitating....because I was shocked. Anyway I shoot the "USPS" commercial tomorrow and start on "The District" Wednesday. It is for 4 days out of 5. I have never had that much time on a Theatrical gig. What a start to the week.

Tuesday, February 06, 2001

Hey, I did a workshop with Shaunda Jones @ London/Stroud Casting on November 18th and had a great feeling from her. This past November was the busiest month I have ever had and I was also going thru computer Hell. After the workshop I had to explain to Shaunda that my resume looked like crap because I had booked several jobs in a very short amount of time and I had to write in 4 new credits. I never write on my resume. She was cool about it and told me to bring 5 fresh resumes to her office the next day because she knew of some other shows that her friends cast that I was right for. Of course I did that the next morning. She called me in today for "Arli$$". I had a "Burger King" audition scheduled as well for later in the day. Then the "Arli$$" people called and changed the time and it conflicted with the commercial audition. So I am on the phone with both of my agents and it didn't look good. I figured all I could do was the best I could since the "Arli$$" offices are way, way out in...I don't know, way out there.

I got there and since Shaunda had spoken to my agent she made sure I got in and out. I go in and the star of the series, Robert Wuhl, the director John Murray, casting along with 6 or 7 other people AND they taped us. It went perfect. Afterwards I raced back to Hollywood for my commercial audition which went very well also. Two hours later I get the word that I booked. I shoot on the 6th, I have a scene with Sandra Oh and she is the best. I think it airs in June 10th. I also got a callback for the "Burger King" spot. I had worked with one of the producers on a "BK" spot in NYC back in March '97. I didn't book this one though. I'll get 'em next time.