Friday, October 30, 2009

Remember that audition for “Grey’s Anatomy” last week that I got a callback on, but let “life get in the way”? Yeah, I kinda beat myself up over that for a while afterwards. The saving grace was that I felt I did very well in the first audition and, even still, the callback wasn’t bad. It was just that I lost my focus over something silly. I didn’t prioritize.

Anyway today, one short week later, I had another audition scheduled for the next episode of “Grey’s Anatomy”. It’s a very similar type of role; a few lines to move the story along. Also, this time I’m going straight to read for the producers/director/writers rather than having to pre-read.

Audition/Producers: “Grey’s Anatomy” @ Lowy/Brace Casting. This went really well. Even though I didn’t have too much to do I had a ball doing it. It was fun to give a couple of lines a beginning, middle and end. When I finished, one of the casting directors said “Great…as usual”. Huh? That comment caught me by surprise. Not because I didn’t think I did great, because I didn’t feel that she would have really known who I was enough to refer to me in a sense of having a track record with her. That is probably a classic example of me underestimating exactly what a casting director’s responsibility is – knowing actors and what they can do. I can do the job. Thank you Linda Lowy; you put a smile on my face.

Several hours later, while I was getting some much needed rest, my agent called to tell me that there is a “pin” in me for the role on the show. That was great news to wake up to! Of course, I’m going out of town this weekend. As they say, “Buy a plane ticket if you wanna get a job”. I got a plane ticket, several in fact, now I hope I get the job. I’ll figure out the logistics.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Audition: “FedEx” @ Kathy Knowles Casting. This was fun and went really well. I have a pretty good callback and avail ratio at this office and have booked in the past. It’s way beyond time to book again.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Audition: “Grey’s Anatomy” @ Lowy/Brace Casting. This audition was for a small co-star that I’m really right for and should book. It was also a pre-read. I didn’t have a problem being pre-read for the role, but I’m really looking forward to bigger and better things.

I’d dropped a photo to this casting office a couple of weeks ago and more recently did a workshop that went really well with someone from the office. I’ve met several people from this office over the years, but recently wanted to reacquaint myself. I don’t know if the workshop had anything to do with being called in, but I’ll take an appointment however I can get it.

It was a 2-line role and right before I was to go in to read the casting associate added another line of dialogue. Cool, it gave me just a little bit more to chew on. So I go in the room and the first read felt great. Sometimes I wish I didn’t know so much about the casting process. Why? Because I’m “a thinker”, my mind is constantly at work. I feel it often gets in my way and prevents me from doing things exceptionally well, but it often helps me too. I wish I could just turn it off at will, but I also love that very part of me.

I knew they were determining callbacks in the room and I would pretty much know right away. Of course I needed to get a callback to move on to the next step.

The casting director seemed happy with what I brought to the table and gave a little more insight to the character. I took that info and did it again; the casting director said “perfect” and gave me a time for the callback – 45 minutes later.

This is where sh*t got interesting. My new mattress that I ordered almost 3 weeks ago was finally scheduled for delivery today between noon and 4pm. Yup, my callback was scheduled for 12 noon...

Right away I called the delivery company to get a closer picture of exactly when they would be there. He said, “right around noon”. To make a long story, I ended up driving home to meet them, which was by far the dumbest thing I could have done. I knew I could make it back in time for the callback, but my focus was a little off. Of course the delivery truck wasn’t there and I drove right back to the studio, arriving right at noon. I went in to read right away for the director. It went okay, not bad at all, but I was really upset with myself for not prioritizing. I know better than that.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I finally purchased my new bed frame today. I had to rent a van to go pick it up. I didn’t want to pay a $90 delivery charge. The headboard was so large they had to take it out of the box to get it in the van. I don’t know what I was thinking in trying to do it all by myself! For some reason I have a big problem asking for help. Well, not “some reason”. I know exactly why I rarely ask for help; I hate to feel as though I’m imposing on others and I really enjoy challenging myself. I like to see what I can do when I know the average person would think they couldn’t do it. I learned that as a teenager when I used ride BMX back in the day. I often tell myself; “try it, you just might be able to do it.” That way of think helps me a lot, but I need to work on letting people help. Another thing I fear is that people won’t help me. THAT is a fear of rejection. Funny enough, I don’t have a fear of rejection in my acting life, but I do in my real life. Go figure.

Anyway, I somehow got it accomplished; it probably wasn’t smart, but I did it. Stephon Fuller Delivery Service cost $57 and a lot of sweat…it was worth it and I really like what I bought, but I think my bedroom furniture is bigger than my bedroom. I figure I won’t always live in a relatively small apartment and I want to look forward into what I anticipate happening in the future.

Tonight was the first night of my 5-week beginner Spanish class. It was interesting and I should learn a lot. The teacher is cool and nice, but it would be even better if he was more direct in his approach and took command of the class so my mind doesn’t wander – ADD, yeah focus is a big problem for me.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Audition: “Time –Warner” @ Ross Lacy Casting. Eh, neither here nor there; we’ll see.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Audition: “Walgreen’s” @ Ross Lacy Casting. This was quick-fast; just a few questions. They asked me where I would be if I wasn’t in Los Angeles pursuing an acting career. Of course my answer was back in Virginia Beach; at least that where I think I’d be.

Friday, October 09, 2009

Audition: “Honda” @ Ross Lacy Casting. Not so much. The closest I think I’ll get to a callback on this is driving my ’98 Honda Accord Coupe. NEXT!!!

Oh yeah, my agents met to discuss what I might do to help things along in my career, which is, albeit to a much smaller degree, going to help their careers too. I’m going to explore getting new headshots! Actually, that’s not true. I’m not going to explore, I’m going to do it. I have to be a man of action if I want anything to happen. That is exactly how I got to where I am. By actually doing things. I do not like shooting headshots – at all. I’ve been very successful with getting good photos, in years past, but I don’t really enjoy the process.

Thursday, October 08, 2009

Audition/Producers: “Brothers” @ Susan Vash Casting. There a few recognizable names/former series regulars at this audition which sort of explains why it’s been as slow as it’s been for me over the last year. Lots of people are willing to read for projects that maybe they wouldn’t have in years past. I didn’t let it bother me; I went in and did my thing.

I had traffic school last night and finished up tonight. Two long, four-hour evenings. Yeah, I was cited for a minor driving infraction in Santa Monica a couple of months ago. I figured it was better to go to traffic school than to take the hit on my driving record. I could have done it online, but I figured it was better for me to actually go there and sit through it. I’m on this kick where I’m trying to get out more and mix with more people outside of the business. My friend count outside of the business count is very, very low. So I’m forcing myself to get out more – it’s not working out all that well, but I’m starting a Spanish class soon.

Getting the ticket was a good wake-up call for me and I learned a lot in the class, plus, the instructor was pretty entertaining. That said, I don’t plan on getting anymore tickets anytime soon.

Friday, October 02, 2009

Audition: “Burger King” @ Craig Colvin Casting. Uh, not so much…