Monday, March 03, 1997

I finally get the word that I booked one of those films from January. It was a small role as a crack head in a film titled "Hell's Kitchen" with Mekhi Phifer, Angelina Jolie, William Forsythe and Rosanna Arquette. I actually got to work on the streets of New York City 54th between 9th & 10th!! My scene was with Mekhi, ironically he got the role from the open call that Greg and I had gone to for "Clockers" a couple of years earlier. I also booked a big national commercial for "Burger King/The Lost World/Jurassic Park". The agent I was freelancing with at Paradigm was Stacye Meyer; I'd met her at a workshop at The Actor's Connection. Thanks for taking a chance on me Stacye. Both shoots were a lot of fun.