Thursday, September 07, 2000

Here was my plan. At my night job I was gonna transfer from the valet department to the restaurant. This way I would make more money and have slightly shorter hours. I made it coincide with my vacation. The switch was pretty smooth although a few tried to block it because I had worked that overnight thing for over a year faithfully. It was a difficult shift to fill and they didn't want lose me, but it was not my problem. I had driven enough Porsches', Benz', Rolls Royces', Bentleys', Lexus' BMWs' Ferraris' etc. My first night I waited on David Spade & Peta Wilson from "La Femme Nikita". They were very nice, David forgot his wallet. After Peta spilled cream on her clothing she was so happy that I brought soda water to her that she kissed me on the cheek. I guess it is the little things that count.