Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Remember that Valium from last night? I’m backing it up with another one this morning just before getting to the dentist. Well, I would say that there is a “wrinkle” in my plans today, but I don’t consider a commercial audition a “wrinkle”. It’s just something that I have to figure out how to fit in.

I’m scheduled to be in the dentist chair from 8:00am until 10:45am. My audition is scheduled for 11:30am. On the surface it sounds like “perfect timing”.

Well, here is where it gets…interesting. I was still in the dentist chair and being worked on @ 11:15. Yesterday, in talking to my agency, I got word that casting would see me as late as 1pm. I got out of the chair at about 11:45am. There was no way I could go straight to the audition because I was a little woozy, plus my face was really numb…I couldn’t feel my face! So I sat in the dentist lobby for about 20 minutes to gather my wits and get myself together. The Novocain was still working so I wasn’t feeling any pain…at least not yet. Oh yeah, I had them call in a prescription of Vicodin for the expected discomfort later.

I was killing time in my car until about 12:50pm because I needed to wait until my lips were no longer numb…just in case I needed to slate my name…or smile, LOL!

Audition: “Safeway” @ broad-cast casting. I arrived at the casting office, signed-in, got a group explanation, waited my turn and was in and out in a jiffy. There wasn’t any dialogue, but I was able to flash my new smile a few times. By the time I got back to my car I could feel that the effects of the Novocain was almost completely gone.

And the pain was knocking at the door; then the pain starting kicking at the door.

One hour later, after getting back to my apartment, I was on my bed, drooling, in tears and writhing in pain…in a fetal position. I was in so much pain I could hardly think. I’d had become used being in a bit of pain and discomfort from the many procedures prior, but this was different. I took a Motrin 600. I called the dentist and Costco to see if the prescription was ready to be picked up. It wasn’t, but they said it would be by the time I arrived. I could barely talk and almost, completely broke out in tears. I got off of my bed and tried to figure out if I could even get to Costco. Five minutes later I was on the floor in my living room…again, writhing in pain.

A little while later I was able to focus and maybe the Motrin was kicking in. I put my big boy pants on and made trek to Costco to pick up the “script”. I like saying “script” for “prescription”. Sounds edgy. Anyway, I arrived @ Costco, got the drugs, went back to my car where my water was and swallowed one of the oval, white pills.

While sitting in the car my phone rang and it was my night job. The likely reason they are calling on my night off is because they, for some reason, need me to work tonight. I didn’t answer the call, but listening to the message confirmed my suspicion. I’ve been working there for 3 years and have never once called in sick and have become the “go to guy” for covering other people’s graveyard shifts.

I was thinking that there was NO WAY I could work tonight; I’m in just too much pain. I didn’t return the call right away, but believe it or not, by the time I drove back to West Hollywood from Burbank I felt much, much better. The Vicodin was doing what Vicodin does.

I arrived back at my apartment, got in bed and figured that…maybe I could work tonight. Honestly, with the amount of money I’ve spent, correction, invested in myself over the last month at the dentist I don’t need to be turning down chances to earn money. So I thought about it for a bit further and called the job to say that, yes, I would fill-in for a sick co-worker.

Am I crazy? I don’t know, maybe, probably. It just takes a lot to keep me down. The medication worked its magic and I was able to cover the shift without any problems whatsoever. I was a trooper today; a real trooper.


Life on the Sunset Strip…

Her: Do you have Dr. Pepper?

Server: I'm sorry we don't.

Her: Diet Dr. Pepper?

Server: We are you all from?

Her: How about Tab?

Server: ....

Her: Didn't think so...just thought I'd ask. Know one seems to have it here.

Server: I like your accent.

Her: Diet Tab?

Server: Umm...Diet Tab? Let me go check...


Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Hmm…Today is my birthday. Didn’t do anything special. I always “feel” like I am supposed to do something special, but I never really have even when I was a kid. My manager at my night job was sad that I was working the early morning hours of my birthday. Actually, I was sad that she was sad. That sounds so stupid for me to say. It’s something that I don’t really know how to change about myself. I think it stems from feeling that I was and have been rejected by my father all of my life…which continues to this day. Maybe one day I’ll figure it out. I have never planned a birthday party for myself…not once. Why? I feel that nobody would show up. I have a serious fear of rejection…in certain areas of my life.

Then again, maybe I have an excuse this year because tomorrow I have a very important dentist appointment. The “heavy lifting” is going to be done for my new smile. This is my birthday party. I’m going to the gym tonight and then taking a valium in preparation for the appointment…


Life on the Sunset Strip…

Until last night I had no idea that Johnny Depp is taller than dude.


Monday, June 27, 2011

Callback: “AT&T” @ Jane Doe Casting. Yes! I’m really glad to get to the next level on this spot. I’d love to work with kids in a spot. Especially the kids I auditioned with the first time.

The callback went pretty well, although there was a point where I was a little confused as to what the director was trying to get from me, but I think I found it in the end. She seemed really interested in me and, of course, I’ll take that as a compliment.

Audition: “Snapple” @ Ross Lacy Casting. Another good one! Nice! Two great showings today. Gotta keep this momentum and turn the “great showings” into bookings.


Life on the Sunset Strip…

She: (while looking over the menu and thru her Swedish accent.) Wht iz theez meatballs?

Server: uh...they are...meat..uh...(while doing a SCARFACE Tony Montana impersonation of "My Ballz") balls.

She: No, I understand...


Saturday, June 25, 2011

I got off of work about 6:30 this morning to wake up at 9am to attend a workshop with very busy TV director Bethany Rooney. It was great, informative and encouraging. I enjoyed it so much that I may take her class in a few weeks.


Life on the Sunset Strip…

Is it okay to have "Lady Ga Ga" tattooed on your back if you're not....Lady Ga Ga? I guess so. I ain't judging; just asking.


Thursday, June 23, 2011

Audition: “Ameriprise” @ Jeff Rosenman Casting. This was fun; I had a great time working with my partner.

Audition: “Southwest Airlines” @ Ross Lacy Casting. Take two…another fun one.

It seems like I’ve had dentist appointments every other day for the last month or so. It’s kind of funny because this latest temporary partial that’s in my mouth is SO bright I’m afraid to smile, LOL! I feel like I have batteries in my mouth it’s so white and bright. It’ll be in there for about a week until the permanent one is finished…I’m really looking forward to that; not the needles, but that part of the process.


Life on the Sunset Strip…

Him: (through his Swedish accent) What iz thz...Bud Light?'s beer, light beer.

Him: (blank stare) uh... (unintelligible....)

Server: it's...great taste, less filling. (the server laughed to himself; he made a funny.)

Him: I don't know.

Server: It's... it's diet beer.

Him: Oh! Nice, I have one...


Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Audition “AT&T” @ Jane Doe Casting. Now THIS was an experience…a family experience. A fake acting family experience…well sort of. I’ll explain. In the spot I was to be the father of a 7-year old boy, the lead in the spot. I also had a 10-year old daughter and a wife. As expected there was a little bit of confusion in matching up the families.

I was there for a long time, which wasn’t a problem for me since I didn’t have anywhere else to be…’cept maybe home catching up on sleep. Do you ever really catch up on sleep? I’m starting to doubt it.

Anyway, after about 30 minutes I was matched with a family. I got a “son” who was “full of personality”. Did I say “full of personality”? On a scale of 10, he was a 50! But a great, active kid. I really like kids so we immediately hit it off. Then I got a daughter who was a little older, very active too with a lot to say. Of course, she fit right in with the two of us. We didn’t yet have a mom.

After another moment “my kids” and I were matched with a “mom” who also had a daughter that was there to audition. This mom had another daughter, about 4-5 years-old and a toddler that she was holding. The woman from the casting office that was putting the group together then looked us over and said, “hmm, that should work, it’s fine if you all go in together”. I think she meant that the real mom, would be my “acting wife” and I would have two acting daughters and the other two children would just be in the room.

I don’t think the “real mom” understood it that way. The real mom, to me, didn’t seem like she was there to audition. Her body language said to me that she was just bringing her actor-daughter to audition and had her two other children with her…but I wasn’t sure.

So they took us back where the audition rooms were…very small area and lots of people. You can imagine what that was like. Lots of rambunctious kids AND me playing HIDE ‘N’ SEEK. Hey, I never said I wasn’t part of the problem.

My “second actor daughter” was much more introverted and stayed close to her mother and two sisters. At this point, I really began to believe that the mom didn’t realize that the woman from the casting office meant for her to audition as my “wife”, the “mom” in the spot. So we get in the room and prepare to slate. The session runner had had a long day with many changes from the ad agency/production company and as a result his patience was a little…short.

The moment of truth.

I stood, preparing to slate, with my son and two daughters and the real mom sat on the couch, not on camera, with her other two daughters. The session runner pauses and asks; “alright, who is here to audition??” The mom, after glancing at us, quickly answers, “Not me”. I explained to the session runner how the confusion happened, but he needed a mom ASAP and convinced the real mom to be a commercial mom.

She put her toddler down and joined us on camera. I could tell she was really nervous, but she did fine with the slate and questions. Her other two children, still sitting on the couch started laughing and we couldn’t figure out why. Bingo! There was a monitor behind and above our heads that the kids were viewing. They could tell mommy was a nervous and thought it was funny.

Back to my “extremely active” 7 year-old son. I was curious as to whether he would be able to focus when it came time for the camera to roll. Let me tell you that kid was perfect. Focused, professional, interesting and full of personality. Maybe our connection will be my key to a callback.


Life on the Sunset Strip…

Observations: Table of 9 women. They order 7 sandwiches...all with french fries...didn't even ask about salads. No way they were from Hollywood. Nice women.


Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Callback: “Cottonelle” @ Francene Selkirk Casting. Yay! Ironically, this was the first audition I had after getting my new temporary smile. I was able, for the first time, to smile on camera without being terrified with how I looked. Hopefully, the result of all of this dental work pain & cost will result in my having more confidence in many areas of my life.

The callback was a lot of fun and went very well. I think there is another round of callbacks tomorrow so, hopefully, I’ll make it to the next step in the process.


Life on the Sunset Strip…

Her: Do you have Fanta Orange?

Server: Sorry, we don't.

Her: Is that girl sleeping in the box behind the front desk?

Server: No, she resting; it's a fish tank. It's hard to tell 'cause they just cleaned it.


Server: No. I like you. You're gullible.


Monday, June 13, 2011

Audition: “Untitled Courtroom Comedy” @ Pamela Azmi-Andrew Casting. This half-hour show stars Cedric The Entertainer as the judge; I was reading for the series regular role of the Bailiff.

This was funny and caught me off guard…again. An actor, a guy who I see at auditions, not ALL the time, but often enough. A while back he stopped me at an audition and wanted to let me how much he enjoyed the WaMu commercial I did some years ago. He even introduced me to his children as the guy in that funny dancing commercial. So today when I saw him he greeted me with laughter about the current DEGREE commercial I have running. The funny thing is that I usually feel as though I haven’t worked since….forever. But he seems to think I’m hilarious and I do hilarious commercials. LOL! aka LAUGHING OUT LOUD! I don’t know; it just strikes me as funny because, in my mind, I haven’t booked much of anything and definitely not anything that anyone has seen and would remember. Weird.

Back to the audition. I don’t know how it went; I know I wasn’t in the room as long as the other guys before me…who knows if that means anything. I didn’t feel like I was pulling the CD’s attention in the beginning, but there was a few times where I felt here presence and she was making some notes. We’ll see.

Back to the dentist. Great fun. Today I was scheduled to get some new measurements of my bite so that all of my teeth will come together properly when the permanent work is finished at the labratory. This, as I have found, is VERY important. How do I know? Because for the last 3 weeks I’ve been wearing temporary things in my mouth that do not match up correctly; therefore I cannot fully chew my food. Let me tell you…it sucks.

Lots of Novocain and lots of discomfort. 2-3 more weeks of this and I should be back on the road to normalcy with a new smile.

A few hours after I got home the temporary came loose again! ARGH!!! Well, it’s okay. I’m scheduled to meet the dentist tomorrow anyway, this time at the laboratory to talk to the people who are actually building my new smile. She’ll re-cement the temp back in for me then.


Life on the Sunset Strip…

Him: Are you all really open 94/7?

Server: No. 24/7.

Him: Oh.

Server: That is not a door sir. Sir...


Monday, June 06, 2011

Audition: “Time-Warner Cable” @ Ross Lacy Casting. Ah! Fun, fun! I had a great time in this one with a great group of performers. I hope I get a callback!

Audition: “Orbit” @ Ross Lacy Casting. This was fun as well. My “wife” was cool to work with.


Life on the Sunset Strip…

Server: Sir, I promise that if you remove your cool-ass, darker than dark sunglasses you will have a better chance at reading the menu. HOWEVER I do NOT promise that you will be able to fly if you remove your cape.

Him: ....


Friday, June 03, 2011

Guess what I have today? Not one, but TWO auditions! It’s been two whole weeks since the last one; which was probably great timing considering my time in the dentist chair of late.

Audition: “Cottonelle” @ Francene Selkirk Casting. This was fun; I got to read with my friend, Skyy John. I’ve known Skyy for several years from being on the audition circuit and casting director workshops. We are both with the same commercial agency, KSR.

Audition: “Sonic” @ Spot Casting. Ehh…this was okay. Nothing more, nothing less.


Life on the Sunset Strip…

Server: (in a whisper) that sign language?

Other server: …not only is that sign language; it's foreign sign language...