Saturday, January 10, 1998

Trying to keep the momentum going after coming off of the play. The year started pretty well, mostly commercials. That was okay for me at that point, but I did want to get more chances in TV/Film. Commercially, I was freelancing with The Gage Group, Acme, Paradigm, William Morris, Abrams Artist, SEM&M, The Krasny Office, J. Michael Bloom, Gilla Roos, Fifi Oscard & others. Almost all of these connections came through workshops. I was sometimes getting 3, 4 or 5 calls for one audition. It felt good to have a little demand, but I was ready to sign with a top commercial agency. I research the market, I had experience with most of the top agencies and I knew who I was interested in. At the top of my list was Don Buchwald & Associates. I had no experience with them because they didn't freelance. Then why was I interested in them? They only worked with signed clients, one of the few in NYC to do business that way. I didn't want to have to compete with a hustler like myself. I am my fellow actors' worst nightmare. I say that because I am relentless and just won't stop because I love the business side as well. I was on a mission.