Sunday, January 09, 1994

I worked my way into assisting the extras casting director on a 4-part mini-series called "Vanishing Son" to be shot locally. I had gone to the open call at a local mall and was DETERMINED to get on board somehow. I told the extras casting director, Pam Plummer, that I would do anything to help out. The next day she called and took me up on my offer. It was a great experience for me. I got to be on the inside of a real Hollywood production for 6-7 weeks. I really liked what I saw and Pam was the coolest. I was even able to call in several of my classmates for background work. One guy even got a line and became SAG eligible. A few of the actors that were a part of the project were Rebecca Gayheart, Russell Wong, Dean Stockwell & Matthew Lillard.

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