Wednesday, September 22, 1993

I didn't have the slightest idea how to get started in the business since I lived in Virginia Beach, VA; not exactly Hollywood East. A friend had turned me on to me on to an acting teacher in town named Sylvia Harman at The Actor's Place. Her private classes were the perfect place for me to start; she was a teacher that was experienced and thorough. I quickly found that Virginia Beach was not a bad place to start. The first night in class I met William Gregory Lee, who like me, was hungry as hell. He was not about to be denied his turn at success. It was a great match, two guys who were on the same page as far as what it would take to "really" do this. In this same class I eventually met actresses Joanna Canton & Michelle Krusiec.

The very next week in class he was already asking me "when was I leaving for NYC or LA" I didn't have an answer I just said that I was gonna work as hard as I could everyday and it would happen in due time. It could be 6 months or 3 years, but I knew it was gonna happen. Within months we both started to expand our horizons as far as keeping on top of the business. I remember driving 40 miles round-trip to get Variety Magazine. At the time, I really couldn't even afford the gas to make the trip, but at the same time I couldn't afford "not" to make those trips. I felt like I was in college, even though in reality I have never been. It was around this same time that Greg and I had our first professional audition. It was for an episode of "America's Most Wanted". Greg booked a principal role and I was hired for background.

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