Tuesday, August 15, 1995

It was rough, bussing tables at a theme restaurant in NYC. The money sucked!!! I was so broke that I had to wash my uniform in the sink. The neighborhood in Hell's Kitchen, where we lived, was another story. Can you say "crackhead city?" Greg couldn't seem to understand that we were "no longer in Kansas". This was "HELL'S KITCHEN, NYC"!!! NOT Virginia Beach, VA!! You don't have to talk "every" crack head. I remember one night on the block a guy thought Greg said something to his girlfriend. I think it was a set-up of some sort. He could tell that we were new in town. I was like "Greg c'mon!! Let's go!!"

Anyway, we both started taking classes at New York Performance Works downtown in Tribeca. I booked my first New York acting job in September; it was a promo/trailer for a pilot. At this point I was sleeping on cushions on my brother's floor in Park Slope, Brooklyn. This is also when I decided that living in Brooklyn was NOT going to work for me. Nothing against the planet Brooklyn it's just working the hours that I do I was spending way too much time on the train. Greg had decided to go back to Virginia to regroup. New York was much more difficult than he expected. Also, I think getting so close on that soap gig kinda got to him.

Meanwhile, at work I was having some "issues" with my pay. I confronted the GM about it a couple of times and the second time he said he was thinking about promoting me from a busser to a server. Hmmm...I was very skeptical. I knew I was a good worker and I thought he was going to keep me through the Summer and then fire me when business slowed down. I'm in New York, now I don't trust anyone!! Lo and behold Scott Young was true to his word and one of the worst jobs I ever had turned into the best job I ever had. Waiting tables was quite a challenge for me. I didn't know how to balance a tray of drinks very well and I had NEVER had a drink of alcohol in my entire life. I had alot to learn, but I had so much fun being there. I met so many people that I really liked; it was a very good time. Thank you Harley-Davidson Cafe management & staff.

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