Monday, August 05, 2002

Okay so I go to the "Honda/Japan" fitting @ The Standard. I mean it was so surreal. I have dreamed about when I would go back there in this same position. I thought we would go into a room and have the fittings. Nope, they had us parading around on the pool deck in the craziest clothing. In the end they asked me to wear this pink pair of Lee Jeans everywhere I went until the shoot. Yes PINK! WHAT!!! They didn't want them to look brand new. I said of course. I'm a team player and all, ya know down for the cause. Anyway, the next day I ran into the stylist and his assistant at Old Navy. Thank God I was wearing them! I was so proud! PINK JEANS!!!

It was cool too see some people that I used to work with. I saw one young lady I worked in the restaurant and she told me that she saw the "Pizza Hut" commercial with Carmen Electra in Berlin, Germany. I knew it! I believe they were running that spot here and abroad without paying the talent, maybe Carmen Electra was paid for international use, but I wasn't.

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