Tuesday, September 24, 2002

I renewed my contract with my commercial agency today for 3 years. I did it a little different this time; I requested the contract a day early so that I could look it over. The main reason I did that was to let "myself" know that I wouldn't sign just anything. It had nothing to do with distrust of my agents @ KSA. I feel very confident about my representation with them. Sometimes, we actors are just happy to have an agent and we'll do anything to keep one. I need to get used to looking at contracts and having a better understanding of them. I didn't want to just "rubber-stamp" anything.

Today, while doing drop-offs I walked into the Casting Cafe/Kris Nicolau's office and scored an audition for an "Olympus Digital Camera" audition. As soon as I walked in the showed me where the sign-in was, I told them I didn't have an appointment and they asked if I wanted one. Of course!

Also "GMM" called to bring me in on Thursday instead of Friday. Yeah!!

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