Tuesday, September 17, 2002

I'm back in the saddle at "Good Morning Miami" and it feels great. I really like working with this crew of people. Between this and my mother's health there doesn't seem to be a middle ground in my life right now. In the end I will get through it all and my mom will be fine.

This afternoon I get the call that I have been booked for the "21st Century Insurance" commercial. Cool!! This will give me a chance to vent my frustrations about what I went thru a couple of months ago with a brokerage company that shall remain nameless. Can you say nightmare? Anyway I shoot on Friday.

I still haven't heard anything about going to producers for "Abby". I put a call in to my agent and she finds that the CD feels that since I am doing a similar thing on "Good Morning, Miami" & "Life With Bonnie" adding this show might be overkill. Cool! These are the problems that I want to have. The way I originally got seen was through her assistant, Alan, an actor; at a CD workshop. He told me about the project an asked for my photo.

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