Wednesday, October 16, 2002

Back on-set at "Frasier". I am not having a good morning. I had been on the phone with my family back East and then get caught in a little traffic at the gate at Paramount; therefore I was a few minutes late. Of course today I am in the first scene to be rehearsed. I literally walk in the stage door and my scene in the middle of being run. I'm like "ooops" and sneak around the other side to see my stand-in ready to go. They prop master gives me my prop, my stand-in helps me find my line in the script and two seconds later is my entrance, I completely blow it. Kelsey says "you can't hear back there can you?" I play it off like it was the real reason that I blew it. There was no excuse; I was totally at fault. All of this stuff was getting to me. Afterwards, I stand to the side in a daze for what seemed like forever; until the prop master totally got in my face about not returning the prop to him. I was tired, jag lagged, and dealing with my mom's illness; but I had to get my self together. I went to the prop master and apologized, but let him know that I wasn't having a good morning and could he back off a little. I've worked to hard to get here and I have to be professional.

While waiting for changes in the script at the line read in the make-up room David Hyde Pierce was getting a script autographed for a charity that was going to auction it. I had the smallest part in the show so I didn't want to "assume" that I would be asked to autograph it. I sorta ignored him so that it wouldn't be confusing, but he purposely sought me out to sign it as well. The shoot went well and I got to chat with some of writers and producers from the last episode and they thanked me for coming back. At the curtain call Peri Gilpin again told me that she predicts I will be back again in the future. I'll take her word for it. I am now officially recurring on "Frasier"!

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