Tuesday, January 07, 2003

Cool! My first theatrical audition of the year. It's for "What I Like About You", a comedy on the WB. It's a fun role and a little more text than I am used to getting. All I am looking to get is a great feeling when I leave the room. I received a callback to producers on the spot for the afternoon. The producer session went great, but I didn't book. Cool, I'll get 'em another time. While waiting to read at the callback I ran into the wonderful Jamie Rudofsky. She and her partner Mara Casey cast the WB comedy "Gilmore Girls". I booked a role on that show back in September, but was unable to accept the role because I was already booked on "Good Morning, Miami" and the work days conflicted. We chatted about several things, most of which were 'not' acting related which was cool.

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