Tuesday, February 18, 2003

Today I was out doing drop-offs and went to one of the busy casting facilities and right away saw 2 spots I thought I was right for. After "staking out the joint" for a while I called my agent to see if they could get me in. I hung out for a minute afterwards, but needed to go to the other side of town for an audition for "ER". My agent called me in the car with a go-ahead for one of the spots, so I drove back and auditioned. She called after 7 this evening to say that she had been trying to get thru to the office all day for the other spot and that I should go see if I could get in on it tomorrow. One might assume that this is going on all over town, meaning CD's are casting projects that we are right for, but for whatever reason, we aren't being considered for. This isn't a complaint at all about my rep; I am very happy where I am. They are trying to get as many clients as possible appointments. My commercial agency has 1,500+ clients and I don't expect them to make a push call for everything that I'm submitted for; they have the same hustle that we do as actors. The beautiful thing is that my agents aren't offended by me calling about what I see around town. They know I respect their job and they respect my hustle.

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