Thursday, April 17, 2003

Boy has it been slow these days. Actually it's pretty typical for me. TV season is winding down and pilot season is about over so I can only expect it to be quiet. I continue to spend a lot of time doing drop-offs. If nothing else it keeps me from realizing that it's slow.

Today while dropping off at Jeff Gerrard's office I was able to audition for another spot. While I was making my way in another casting director was coming out of the building and she said to me "just sign in". Huh? Okay, obviously I was right for whatever she was casting. I wasn't sure what to do, she then came back in and wanted my Polaroid/headshot/size sheet. I decided to just go with it. It was a national for "Buick". In reality I think they were looking for more Midwest types, but who knows.

As I was walking out I saw Jeff Gerrard and he said "hello" I told I was going to drop a photo in his bin. He said just to give it to him, and then he changed his mind and said "I don't need this you're on my wall". Huh?? Cool!!

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