Saturday, May 31, 2003

A dear friend of mine from Virginia Beach is in town on business. She is staying about 50 miles away in Irvine for training with her job. She called to say that her and her co-workers were coming up to LA to hang out and did I know where to go. No. I don't often go out socially, so I don't know where the hotspots are. I used to work at The Standard so I met them there. Afterwards we went to the Bar Marmont. At that point 10 of the 12 people wanted to go dancing. Myself, my friend and one of her co-workers ended up at the Chateau Marmont. In front of the hotel the first person we see is Colin Farrell. When we went inside we rode in the elevator with Colin. He seemed to be a really nice guy and very energetic. My friends got a real kick out of seeing the celebs coming and going. We saw Josh Hartnett, Kirstin Dunst & Jake Gyllenhaal, Wanda Sykes, Wes Bentley, Hip-hop/fashion mogul Damon Dash among others.

A highlight for me was seeing Kirk Rudell, one of the supervising producers of "Good Morning, Miami". I got a chance to thank him face to face for keeping me employed last season. He had no idea what I was going through as far as my mother's illness was concerned, but it really helped me pay for my plane tickets to go home. He was quite gracious and chatted about the show for a moment. He also assured me that I will be back next season. That is really good news for me.

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