Wednesday, July 09, 2003

In the wee hours of the morning my train back to Virginia Beach is scheduled to leave Penn station @ 2:35am. The first red flag was that it wasn't on the schedule. Word is that it's stuck in Connecticut where there is a bridge malfunction. The next word is that it won't arrive until 4:30am at the earliest, which will make me miss my connection in DC. UGHHHHHHHHHH!!! It's not that big of a deal, it's just that my leg is still bothering me. I figure I can just wait or walk to Port Authority on get on the Greyhound Bus. Not a pleasant thought, I've taken the bus back and forth to NYC more times than I care to count. I check the schedule and it will be a 13 hour journey. I relent. I tell you, riding the bus really helps to keep me focused so that I won't have to ride the bus in the future. I call both of my agents to let them know that I will be back in LA on schedule. My theatrical agent says that it's already starting to pick up; my commercial agent has an audition for me as soon as I land.

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