Tuesday, July 29, 2003

Today I have an audition for a big feature called "Terminal". This is really good news for several reasons. First, I dropped off the photo myself. I actually held off on dropping it off because I was going on vacation. As soon as I got back in town I dropped it off. Second, I had never been to this office before. Third, they do mostly A-list features; that is where I am focusing right now. When I get to the audition I see that the associate is someone that I met in a workshop years ago. She said she saw my photo come in and she called my agent. When I went in the room for the read the casting director, Debra Zane, said that she actually read my resume. She commented on the last line of the special skills section that says "Guess what. You're not gonna believe this, but I've never had coffee or any kind of alcohol. Never." She wanted to know if it was true. After joking around for a moment she stopped and said "you know what? I actually believe you". She should believe me, because it's true. Anyway the audition on tape went really well.

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