Tuesday, August 19, 2003

Okay, get this. I wake up this morning @ 9am because I need to move my car. As I walk out my door I see a "GMM" script. WHAT!?!? I guess I've been written back in. I'm in and out of the shower in a flash and on my way. I arrive at the studio and within 5 minutes the director, Peter Bonerz, begins placing me in scenes. Peter is definitely in my corner; he just seems to make sure that I'm around. So, in less than a day I go from being written out to appearing in 3 scenes.

A call comes in for another studio film audition for tomorrow; I hope I can make it somehow. It's not looking good because we have a lot of pre-shooting to do for Thursday's show.

Oh yeah, I think I got a desk on the show. Meaning a place where I normally am going to be. A really good thing.

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