Friday, August 15, 2003

Table read, "Good Morning, Miami" episode #2. This morning I tuned in to watch "Good Day LA". One of the co-host, Jillian Barberie, is going to be a guest-recurring character on the show. I wanted to see what she was like before the table read. WOW! This woman has a lot of energy. She's cool, hip and seems fun. She is perfect for the character on the show.

CUT to: 90 minutes later

I am sitting next to Jillian at the read and she is going to be absolutely fantastic.

It's as hot as can be and I'm on my way to Fox Studios for a producer session for "NYPD Blue". The associate casting director, Scott Genkinger, The role is a "murderous, thug type of guy". These roles are a real challenge for me. I'm not your typical "murderous, thug type of guy". I have to resist the temptation of trying to convince people that I'm mean. I have to just put "Stephon" in that situation and trust it. I just wanna have a good, strong read. It goes well enough, but not great. I spend the next hour doing drop-offs on the lot.

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