Thursday, September 11, 2003

This day really hatches a horrible memory for our country and the world. I gave blood again this year in honor of it. I know I should give blood more often, but I can't stand needles. I will get better at it though and try to give more often. I also had an audition for a "Hyundai" commercial. I was to portray a husband in his early 30's. It's funny because I usually feel like I'm a bit younger than that. I am learning to leave that way of thinking alone and just do the work. There are situations in which I'm right about it........I think. Anyway it went well and we'll see what happens. Then I had an audition for "Eve", a new comedy on UPN, starring rapper Eve. I felt like I was ready for the audition, but it didn't go all that well. The CD was really backed up and I felt she was kinda trying catch up therefore it was really rushed. I explained what happened to one of my buddies and he gave me a little trick to prevent that from happening again.

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