Thursday, October 02, 2003

Audition: "UPS". It goes well! My agent informs me that I will be working in Palmdale, CA for "Terminal". Palmdale is about 65 miles from where I live. She was calling to see if I wanted to stay out there in a hotel while I shoot or drive in/out everyday and get a mileage credit. I guess I was trying to be nice 'cause I just said "whatever is the easiest". Right after that I ran into commercial queen Margaret Easley and she gave me several good reasons to stay in Palmdale. So I called back and informed my agent. I get word that I booked the UCLA trailer. BUT! There seems to be some question about the union status. I don't know why the CD called me to audition if it wasn't SAG. So I called the CD and she wasn't really sure what the status and wasn't too helpful really. She just wanted me to do it and not worry about it. She said to call the director and check with him. I called him and he said that they were trying to get it covered by a SAG experimental contract. Cool! He calls back and said that it wasn't looking good for the SAG contract and would I be willing to do it anyway. I told him "no" I wouldn't do it non-union. That's unfortunate; I was looking forward to working with a new, young director.

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