Thursday, November 13, 2003

7:00am and I'm back on-set for my last day on "The Terminal". Looking at the schedule it seems that my scene will be shot today. All of the vendors supported one another while they were shooting which was great. I watched Lydia do her thing and I was up soon after. A background actor in Lydia's scene got an upgrade to principal when he was asked to dance in the scene by the cinematographer. No lines, just dancing, I can't wait see that scene in the film.

Right before my scene was to be filmed Steven threw in another shot on the spot. Another background actor who was working in the Starbucks was also upgraded on the spot and given several lines with Tom Hanks. Two people upgraded in one hour. Finally it was my turn to work. I had some other choices to help make my little bit of dialogue my own. I wanted my ideas to be heard so I waited until I was miked for sound and knew Steven was listening. I wasn't going to change the dialogue that was written, but I figured that I'd kinda throw it out to the universe when I was warming up before we actually rehearsed it. IT WORKED!!! After the second take Steven came over to me and asked me to add the line I was doing in rehearsal. It was over in a flash and Tom & Steven shook my hand and thanked me. Steven laughed and said "you've got the line of the movie". I just hope it survives through post-production. Afterwards I, Lydia and the others hung out and watched production for the rest of the day. I also asked Mr. Hanks for a photo and he was more than happy to pose with me. 119 days after that drop-off it's finally done. Well not really, my promotional energy will continue to use it to get more auditions for studio films. Since we ended up staying a little longer than originally booked we were in the hotel longer as well. I figured I was due more per diem money in addition to what I had already gotten, but I wasn't going to ask for it. Sure enough Lydia got hers and came and told me that they had mine waiting for me. I could get used to this!! Peace!!

This officially let me know that this surreal experience was OVER and I was going back to my regular life. When I was leaving the set i started my car and the headlights wouldn't turn on. WHAT!!! Yeah, no headlights. I fiddled with some things for a little while and they eventually came on. Back to the hotel for a good nights sleep before driving back to Hollywood in the morning.

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