Tuesday, November 11, 2003

One year ago today I said what was to be my final goodbye to my mother. Without question, this was the most difficult thing I have ever had to do. I miss her dearly. Another 6:30 call today. The weather is quite brisk in the morning; I think the elevation is about 3,000 feet. I love seeing the snow-capped mountains in the distance. According to the shooting schedule the group of vendors that I am a part of is shooting first thing this morning. I get a little breakfast, into wardrobe & I'm ready to go. The big question is: are they ready for me? I sit in my trailer, reading a script, and doze off. Then there is a knock on my door. They are ready for me. Finally!! One moment I'm asleep and five minutes later I'm in a scene with Tom Hanks. Things change fast in Hollywood, well make that Palmdale.

A wonderful surprise for me today was the entire office from Debra Zane Casting visiting the set. It was Debra herself, associate Tannis Vallely and assistant Christiana Celeste. They picked today to visit because many of the people who booked a weeks work were working. They were genuinely happy for our group; they even stayed and had lunch with us.

After lunch it was back to work. We were finishing a huge scene from the previous day involving hundreds of background actors. Watching Tom Hanks is quite interesting. I don't see him as an "intense" actor; he seems very relaxed and just does the work. We wrapped another 12 hour day and it was back to the hotel. Oh yeah, Mr. Hanks gave us all Lotto tickets. He is a first class guy.....I didn't win though.

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