Friday, December 12, 2003

Audition: "Harley-Davidson". It goes well and I think I'm right for it. Also I get a last minute call for an "IBM" @ TLC/Loree Booth Casting. I get there and find that I am one of 3 guys requested for this spot. WHAT!!! When I arrived they didn't even have the sides. After we had the sides for about 5 minutes we received word those sides were no good. Ten minutes later we received another set of sides. Whew! Anyway the spot is being directed by the legendary Joe Pytka. I keyed in on this office about 3 years ago because I heard that Mr. Pytka uses actors over and over again. I got in the family by booking an "IBM" spot about 18 months ago. I'll hope for the best.

I have my wardrobe fitting for "Michelob Ultra" this evening @ Universal Studios. It's a madhouse over there; they are fitting like 12 people at once. It's freezing on Stage 25 so I am not in any hurry to take off my clothes to be fitted. I patiently wait until everyone else is finished. In 4 minutes flat I am finished too.

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