Friday, January 23, 2004

Audition: Indie Feature "Twisted Path" @ Henderson/Zuckerman Casting. I read for 3 different roles with producer/director/writer. The read goes well and they set me up to come back next week for a role in a different film. I occasionally work as a reader at this office, Cathy & Dori are wonderful. Before leaving, I showed Cathy my new vintage Van Halen concert tee shirt that I got for Christmas from a dear friend. Last time I was there I wore my Led Zeppelin tee. Cathy is a big rock music fan like me.

I also had my general meeting at Sony Pictures Television with Dawn Steinberg & Adrianna Porcaro. The meeting went really well. Dawn went over my resume and asked questions about some of the shows I worked on. She told me what shows they have on the air and what pilots they are working on. She seemed genuinely interested in me. She asked where I was from, what was direction I wanted my career to move in, etc. The meeting was wrapped up with Dawn saying that they will be going over Breakdowns from Sony projects and trying to get me auditions with those casting directors. Who says generals don't exist anymore?

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