Monday, January 19, 2004

I have an appointment for a pilot today, the "Untitled Method Man/Redman Project" for Fox. I would really like to get a callback for this, I think I am right for it and it goes well enough. I think. While on the Universal lot for the audition I did a couple of drop-offs to try create more opportunities. I also have an audition for a "Johnsonville" commercial @ Craig Colvin Casting. Usually when I audition for Craig I get a callback. I ran into Craig while I was there and got to show him that I cut my hair. He told me that Kevin Smith is directing the spot and that he really liked me for a spot for a "Boston Globe" spot that I almost booked last year. At the last minute the ad agency chose someone out of New York that they had worked with before. That was really good news, I had no idea Kevin Smith even knew I existed.

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