Friday, January 09, 2004

My first audition of the year! My agent wasn't thrilled about me going in on it, but I wanted to. It's just a line or two, but it stars Cameron Diaz & Toni Collette, Curtis Hanson is directing and David Rubin/Erica Arvold are casting. I felt it was smart for me to get seen and who knows. I love that my agents don't pass on things without me know about it. The role is a bartender and he is suppose to have actual bartending experience. How funny, I've never even had a drink much less mixed one. I felt like it went well. I also read for "Charmed" at Leslee Dennis Casting today. The role is a young ER doctor. I was happy with this audition as well. I'm glad I am getting seen with my new short hair style.

I go to the doctor today because my ribs are still bothering me from when I ran into the trees riding motorcycles while on vacation. It's official, I have a cracked rib. I knew something was wrong inside of me. The doctor said bones take about 6 weeks to heal. It's been almost 3 weeks; so I guess I'm half-way there.

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