Monday, March 01, 2004

Audition: "The Shield" @ Fiorentino/Casting . This is the 3rd this season I've been called in by this office to go on tape for producers. The audition goes well. I don't think I am right enough to book, but I'll let them make that decision. One of these days I'll stick and get to work on this gritty show. Also, CCH Pounder, who plays "Claudette" on the show used to live in my building 15+ years ago.

YES!!! 3 weeks ago I had 4 auditions in one day, actually it was the 2nd time that happened in a week. Maybe this not having the right photo thing is working!! Anyway, one of those appointments was for "Ocean's Twelve". My agent called to say I booked a role in the film. I know the film is shooting primarily in Europe, but I assume that I will be working here in Los Angeles. My passport is ready to go just in case. Get this. I thought "The Terminal" booking was a long way away. It was 3 1/2 months after booking that I finally worked on the film. For "Ocean's Twelve" I don't work until early August. WHAT!!! That's like 5 months away. Cool, that it'll give me a lot of time to do specific research on director Steven Soderbergh, the producers and the other actors.

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