Tuesday, March 09, 2004

Okay, I’m sweating like crazy. I don’t usually sweat all that much but, mix 90 degree temps in the valley and no A/C in my car and you have Stephon drenched. I have to get this car situation taken care of and soon. It looks like I’m going to be hand delivering almost all of my new headshots. I haven’t mailed any, but I’ve dropped off a lot of them.

The first thing on the agenda today is, heading out to Encino to deliver new photos to Henderson/Zuckerman Casting. This is the office where I booked a part in an indie film last month, but they lost the funding for the film. Anyway, Cathy and Dori liked the new photos and kept one each. They also mentioned a pilot presentation they thought I was right for. Dori flipped through the script to check the age of the character and said “we’ll see you next week”. Cool.

Back out into the heat and my car won’t start. Every time this happens I just keep trying until it eventually starts. One day this is going to bite me in the a**. I gonna get caught somewhere on the way to a producer session. Oh no!!! After 25 minutes it starts. 25 minutes sitting in the 90 degree heat was no fun. Anyway, it could be worse. I guess. Sure it could.

Next, I continue on my way to Sun Valley to Lorna Johnson Casting. She cast “The Division”. I’ve been driving way out to Sun Valley for 2 years trying to get an audition for this show to no avail........yet. Some of my friends that I have dropped off for have been called to audition, but not me. I’ll keep trying. It’s hot, I stink and after a couple of more drops I am heading back to the ranch. I gotta headache.

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