Thursday, March 25, 2004

THREE YEARS!!! Today marks 3 years since I left my job as a waiter/valet at The Hollywood Standard on Sunset Strip. It's sometimes still hard to believe I have been able to make a living at this for this long. I'm not really surprised, but the reality of it is still kinda surreal. Here's to 3 more years and beyond!!Audition "Buick" @ Cathi Carlton Casting. The audition goes well. I see Cathi & Terry Berland on the way out and they both like my new look and photos. Cool, those are great CD radar's to be on. I've booked through Cathi's office twice and would like to again and SOON!! I tip my friend Jon off to this audition because he doesn't get nearly as many appointment as I's like to see him get. Anyway, he goes to the office and they agree to see him and he gets a callback. No callback for me though.

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