Thursday, April 15, 2004

Audition: "AT&T" @ ASG Casting. This audition goes really well. I usually leave my cell phone in my car when I go into audition just to keep the distractions to a minimum. Of course in this audition I needed a cellphone. My partner that I was auditioning with didn't have his either. Note to self: If it's a cellphone commercial audition bring your cell phone.

After the audition I stopped by to see my commercial agents to say hello. I was wearing a suit and I like for them to see me in different looks. I told them I was wearing a suit as a "diversionary tactic" so that they would forget that I haven't booked anything in a while and callbacks have been few. Ironically, they laughed and said "you do have a callback tomorrow we just hadn't called you yet". Cool!! It's for Sheila Manning too for the "Tufts Medical Institute" in went in on last week.

While at the office I ran into a guy named Biff who I used to wait tables with in New York at The Harley-Davidson Cafe. It was great to see him and good to see us still in the game making it happen.

Afterwards I went to see my theatrical agents with the same scheme. Kelley quickly reminded me that I had just booked "Ocean's Twelve" and I said "Yes!!, but there is a lot more to come". She assured me that things are well and I was one my way. I feel so fortunate to be with the agents I am with. It's been almost six years.

Tonight while watching "The Apprentice" I saw a promo for "The Terminal". I even saw myself, well the back of me. Actually, I didn't recognize myself at first because I forgot that i had dreadlocks when I shot. I hope my scene with the incredible Mr. Hanks makes the final cut.

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